#SexIsSocial - November 2012 Writing Contest!

#SexIsSocial - November 2012 Writing Contest!

Rayne Millaray Rayne Millaray

Ready for another contest?

It's that time again. Time for another SexIs Social Writing Contest! Are you guys ready? If you're over 18, and you like to write, get your thinking caps on and put your best opinions forward. We want to hear from you.

The Rules
You must be 18 or older and have an EdenFantasys account to submit an article and enter the contest. No purchase is necessary. Registration is free and you can sign up with an existing Facebook, Google, Yahoo or AOL account. You do not have to use your real name to create an account or submit content.

All entries should be entered into the SexIs Social submission wizard as you would a normal SexIs submission.

Contributors must email their EdenFantasys profile name and all titles of contest entries to rayne(at)edenfantasys( dot)com. Titles sent via the EdenFantasys PM system will not be included in the judging process.

Each contributor may submit up to three articles to the writing contest.

All submissions must be in compliance with the Terms of Service and Posting Guidelines. Any submissions that are not will be disqualified.

Articles should be a minimum of 500 words long. SexIs Subjective, SexFeed, and Define This submissions are not elgible.

The content of the submission should be sex-related and nonfiction. It can discuss society's point of view on sex, or reflect lessons you've learned from personal experience and research. Some topics to focus on can be (but are not limited to) sex in general, gender and sexuality, sexual health, sex and society, relationships, reproductive rights. See the categories listed in the menu at the top of the SexIs homepage for more, or check out this thread for this month's topic suggestions. Please note: We do not accept erotica of any kind.

The deadline for these submissions is November 19th, 2012 at 5pm ET. The articles will be edited for minor errors and published in the order they're received.

The first, second and third prizes will be chosen by EdenFantasys employees based on quality, pageviews and social media sharing. The Community Choice Award will be put to a vote in the SexIs section of the forum. The poll for the Community Choice Award will be posted November 21st, and the winner will be the article that receives the most votes. Authors can only win one prize per contest.

Winners will be announced December 5th. Any prizes not claimed within 90 days will be forfeit.

Please feel free to email any questions you have about SexIs Social and the writing contest to me, Rayne, at rayne[at]edenfantasys[dot]com.

The Prizes
1st Place: $100 cash for each of the winner's next three published articles (subject to approval - articles must be in accordance with submission guidelines), possibility of a long term paid writing agreement, and homepage feature.

2nd Place: $75 gift card and homepage feature.

3rd Place: $50 gift card and homepage feature.

Community Choice Award: A homepage feature and an EdenFantasys Tote full of these Fun Factory products in your favorite color (dependent upon stock): Toyfluid, Minivibe Little Paul, Flexi Felix, Bandito. Plus? What gift basket would be complete without our awesome Eden Toy and Body Wipes? You'll be all set for a play session alone or with a partner within minutes of arrival!

Good luck, everyone!




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Mwar Mwar
Awesome! I'm so excited!
travelnurse travelnurse
Oh awesome, I like the contests it gives me something to look forward to.
js250 js250
OMG!!! Got to start writing!!!! This is too cool!!
skeeterlynn skeeterlynn
Awesome! Can't wait to read all the entries! I shall be entering
lovesexandmarriage lovesexandmarriage
Yay! EF, you rock! I guess I better start writing!
ChuChii ChuChii
I'm super excited
BiteOnThis BiteOnThis
Awesome!!! What a great contest--intellectuall y challenging and beneficial to the community!
V7Stick V7Stick
I'm very excited to get started! This will be my first article on SexIs.
Chelle Love Chelle Love
Good luck everyone...
Risque Risque
How fun! I really want to participate this time. Good luck everyone, I can't wait to read all the articles!
Femme Mystique Femme Mystique
Excellent! I may participate this time.
Trysexual Trysexual
Sounds great..>I'm in.
Good luck everyone! I am looking forward to reading some bad ass articles! My 3 are submitted. Thank goodness.. tick tock.. time is a wasting.
Pink Lily Pink Lily
AAAaaa this sounds fun!!
Robespierrethecat Robespierrethecat
I want to enter!
Originally posted by Robespierrethecat
I want to enter!
3 days left! Better get typing!!! Good luck!
butts butts
PHEW. Just entered my article, good luck to everyone!
Rayne Millaray Rayne Millaray
Today's the last day! Don't forget to EMAIL your article titles to me!
hmb12 hmb12
I submitted mine yesterday! Can't wait to see the results (:
Nice Nice
I missed it
Best of luck everyone!!
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