The Bloggess' new column post is up! So , um, who would you do?

The Bloggess' new column post is up! So , um, who would you do?

Victoria Victoria
The Bloggess is back with her hilarious weekly installment - a veritable list of men who guys think we won't sleep with but we totally would and who they think we want, but actually we don't. Confused? Don't be.

Got a dirty little secret crush you wanna add to the list of weird but 'do-able' dudes? Check out this thread by The Bloggess herself to vote on her list and add your own to the mix.
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Carrie Ann Carrie Ann

How DID that guy ever become a sex symbol, anyhow?

Lane Brettschneider Lane Brettschneider
She's read my mind: Alan Rickman, David Bowie in Labyrinth, the guys from Shawn of the Dead.
I'd like to add: Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show and Jeff Goldblum.
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
Ditto for Alan Rickman. I'd also have to add Adrian Paul from the Highlander series.

Arlene Medder Arlene Medder
Howard Keel, with the goatee, in Kiss Me, Kate. Yes, the movie is older than I am. No, I don't care.
Victoria Victoria
So, Diablo Cody totally tweeted about this Bloggess post today!!! Holy WOW, y'all!!!
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