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An open letter to husbands and boyfriends about the guys we (surprisingly) DO and DON’T want to have sex with

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This week, the Bloggess makes us hip to all the celebs that women want to get down with...that the guys didn't know about.

  Guys you assume we want to have sex with but actually we totally don’t:

• Tom Cruise
• Fabio
• Ashton Kutcher
• Our second best male friend at work who actually *is* gay but you don’t believe us
• The guy at the gym whose neck is larger than his head and he can’t put his arms down
• Carrot Top (I don’t even know why I need to clarify this)
• That same secretary at my job that you think is hot, and yeah, I know she’s not a dude but I’ve seen you ogle her and trust me, I could tap that. You couldn’t.
• That’s not a dare, by the way.
• Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka
• Your other brother

PS. Yes, I’m aware that the list of people I’d do is longer than the list of people I wouldn’t do but that doesn’t mean I’m a whore. It means I’m *agreeable*.

PPS. I know I promised you something even more disturbing than clown porn this week but it was so completely fucked up that I can’t even convey it without using my hands so I’m going to have to do a video. An amateur video RE: disturbing porn. For a sex site.

This is all going on my resume.

But what do you think, America? The Bloggess wants to know who YOU would most want to have sex with--vote now!


Contributor: James Rothenburg
James Rothenburg  

I'm a guy and I wasn't surprised once by your list Captain Obvious. Carrot Top? Really?

Contributor: RobinJoker

What about Johnny Depp as Ed Wood? I'm into that flashing smile and okay with the angora sweaters. He has to bring his own though, I don't have any angora.

Contributor: Ashabutterflys

This was a very funny post and i enjoyed it.

Contributor: Foggy

Okay, I know this blog was posted, like, a year ago, but I just found you, so, dammit, I'm gonna chime in! A. I LOVE your blog! B. So glad I'm not alone in my weird attraction to Alan Rickman and Gary Oldman. C. One more to add: the Cancer Man from X-Files. Really. Didja see the episode that was all about him, sitting, smoking...? lots of closeups as he took a drag on the cigarette? He has really sexy lips. That's all I'm gonna say. I've embarrassed myself enough already....

Contributor: oh_nono

your top two, TOTALLY in my top 5...but alan rickman would NEED to be talking whilest he was screwing me.

Contributor: MissLily

HEY! You have STOLEN my To Do List!!! Really, I thought I was the only one with this list of those people.

Contributor: Jane Doe
Jane Doe  

I know this is kinda old. But still.. New Spock. Fuck yes.
I thought I was some kind of freak that I thought so, but now that the coolest lady in the world agrees, it must be true!

Contributor: pagodess

I have no desire for anyone on the list. Not even a little. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. They would be on my lamenated "top 5 list" of celebrities I'd jump if I had the chance

Contributor: Illusional

I would never ever do Vin Diesel. Jack Sparrow, mmmm.

Contributor: Lindz86

I began reading all your blogs 3 days ago..and I'm already at the beginning...I LOVE YOU!
And I ESPECIALLY LOVE how you mentioned David Bowie in Labyrinth...
I've pretty much been wanting to tap that since I was 7 lol

Contributor: Rhiannon

David Bowie in Labyrinth...TOTALLY. I don't know how many other women feel this way, but I've had dreams and visions of the Goblin King, I don't know since when. Forever, I guess! That was my favorite movie when I was a kid, but when I got older, it took on a whole new meaning for me...

Contributor: Marieke

1) Abraham Lincoln
2) Beethoven
3) Buster Keaton
4) Ralph Fiennes

NO: Guy Pierce. That guy is ridiculous.

Contributor: Linga

I totally wanna do Johnny Depp s Willy Wonka! Those squeaky purple rubber gloves get me going!

Contributor: PussyPurr

I masturbated to the Goblin King during pre-adolescence. He still turns me on.

Contributor: iwantyouwantingme

Steve Buscemi? really?

Contributor: Teacookie

Woot David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Captain Jack Sparrow and V. At what poitn of prince caree because he was icky a few times. Awww but Richard the old spock when he was young was alwasy my fav. 8goes to look up this "new spock". I don't recognize alot of the names.

Contributor: Teacookie

Zachary Quinto FAIL!!! bad spock bad T_T he only looks good with a bread shadow. How ever I do enjoy his other shows.