How much do reviews influence your buying choices?

How much do reviews influence your buying choices?

Ms. N Ms. N
On a scale of one to ten, how much do reviews influence what products you buy on EF? (One being "not at all," and ten being "highly influential, 100% of the time.")
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4  (4%)
1  (1%)
18  (16%)
58  (51%)
25  (22%)
7  (6%)
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Sublime Sublime
It depends on the quality of the review for me really. There are some people I trust and some that I don't as much.
- Kira - - Kira -
It depends on a few things. It depends on who did the review or the quality of the review. There are certain reviewers on here that have very similar tastes as I do. I know if they think something is too weak that I will too. If they give something three vrooms, it comes off my list.

If it's someone I don't know, then it just depends on the quality of the review. If there's not a lot of info in the review, it doesn't really impact my decision. If there's no info on that person's personal preferences (so I know if we have similar tastes), I give less weight to it. So if someone just says "four vrooms" but doesn't compare it to something or say "I like strong vibrations," I pretend that they didn't rate the strength at all and wait for another review.

It also depends on the product. If the design of something is just really pretty, sometimes I get dumb and buy it even if all the reviews suck. I'm drawn in by pretty things!
Princess-Kayla ♥ Princess-Kayla ♥
It can be a pretty big impact on my reviews. Sometimes I like how a product looks, but I see that it has nothing but 1 star reviews.
Gary A. Gary A.
impacts a lot but only on reviews that seem more honest.
Teaser Teaser
I read as many reviews as I can before buying.
Chirple Chirple
I read lots and lots of reviews !

Honestly, I just enjoy reading them as many are interesting - and I like to get a good picture of things.

I do find it helpful when I can get an idea of a person's tastes and needs so that I can use that information to see how I would compare and if something would work for me.
Hallmar82 Hallmar82
I read most of the reviews, both positive (best case) and negative (worst case) to see what I might get, but sometimes I take a gamble.
Shellz31 Shellz31
Everyone is different, so I don't go highly by others reviews.
(k)InkyIvy (k)InkyIvy
I look at the reviews to see what other people say about the product. I like to make sure there aren't a bunch of people saying they had the same problem.
DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
Somewhere between an 8 and a 10. If a toy I'm lukewarm about has raving reviews, that will usually spur me to purchase--but having been disappointed with 5 star toys, I take them with a grain of salt.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
It depends. There are a few reviewers that I know that have similar sexual needs (for lack of a better term) as me, so I'll usually see what they have to say about a product before I buy it.

I also like to look at several reviews of the same product to see if reviewers were sharing the same problem or if maybe one toy was a fluke.

If the review is poorly written, or the writer has drastically different standards/ needs than me, I'll think about the reviews, but it's unlikely that it will be deciding factor.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
Reading the reviews that are honest and give very detailed responses impact my buying decision. Stainedclear mentioned if they've found a reviewer that has the same tastes as they do and they rate it a certain way then they trust this fact. EXACTLY, stainedclear is one of the reviewers that I've found has very similar likes as I do. We have very similar opinions on mimi, zini seed, yin/yang bullet so if she says this is great then I'm taking her word for it and will eventually get the product.
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
Reviews are pretty much the deciding factor for me. If a product has consistently great reviews, and it seems like it would work for me based on the descriptions, I will be much more likely to purchase it.
indiglo indiglo
Originally posted by - Kira -
It depends on a few things. It depends on who did the review or the quality of the review. There are certain reviewers on here that have very similar tastes as I do. I know if they think something is too weak that I will too. If they give ...
This is 100% true of me too.
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
Reviews are a huge deciding factor for us!
hyperballad hyperballad
Definitely a huge factor, especially when I can't see a toy in person before I buy.
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
Originally posted by Sublime
It depends on the quality of the review for me really. There are some people I trust and some that I don't as much.

It also depends on the product. I can see someone giving a lingerie item 1-3 stars and I still will buy it because I look at their review and think "Well duh... you didn't buy the right size." That's just one example.
her angelness her angelness
it's not so much the individual review but the average of all of them. and even then i don't rely 100% on them.
SexyTabby SexyTabby
Reviews are really important for me. Some are wonderful others not so much so you need to really decide a fair middle from the reviews then go from there. I can't see, touch and hold it so reviews give me that bonus input. But even with all that I do have moments when I think nah it can't be all that bad or I simply want it and get it anyway...yeah some reviews are right on the money lol
kittychilla kittychilla
reviews are pretty important to me. although i only read a few reviews for a few of the lubes i purchased; the others i'm buying just to see for myself how i like them.
Sinfully Sinfully
I voted 9. I go strongly off reviews when buying a product... unless said product only has one or two reviews then sometimes I just have to go with my instinct.
SexyStuff SexyStuff
I'm on a tight budget, so I only buy products with overall awesome reviews. A few people not liking it isn't enough to turn me off if tons of reputable reviewers rave about it.
bayosgirl bayosgirl
Originally posted by Teaser
I read as many reviews as I can before buying.
Same here.
pixxie87 pixxie87
as many as possible
bdvnt bdvnt
I really like and rely on the reviews. That's one of the main reasons I use this site. I try to read as many of the reviews as I think I need to make up my mind on a product. I like both positive and negative. I try to read between the lines too. Someone may not like a product because of a particular feature not working for them. If it's a feature I don't care about anyway, I dismiss some of the negativity.

I want to know user's opinions. Manufactures are trying to sell their products, so I can't take their word for it. I need to know the pros and cons from someone who is impartial.
kizzl kizzl
I love this site mostly for it's reviews. If it weren't for them, Iever be able to make a decision on a toy...
Silverdrop Silverdrop
I rely VERY strongly on reviews. Being international, I can't return a toy cost-effectively, so I won't take a chance on something with poor reviews. Generally a toy will have its reviews clustering around one score, with a few outliers, so I read a few from each star rating. I tend to read all the low reviews, to see if whatever made the toy fail for those reviewers are likely to make it fail for me. If there are quality / reliability issues, then that toy is eliminated completely, unless it's super cheap. But not all low ratings are for that reason, so it really depends on the review composite.

But except for when I'm "shopping" for monthly review assignments, I don't buy something that has no reviews. I want to see what people who are NOT the manufacturer are saying about the product first.
Curiouscat Curiouscat
I will not buy something without reading reviews! Unless it's one I plan to review myself.

I said 9 because reviews are mainly what I go by, but in the end if I really want it anyway I might get it despite a bad review.

If I’m interested in a product I go straight to the reviews after looking over what it’s made of. Reviews are so helpful to me. And I have on a few occasions turned down a toy because of the reviews.

I like to research my products, and hear other peoples experience with them before I buy. No way I want to waste money on something I don’t know everything about!
Breas Breas
It depends on the reviewer really.
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