#AskEden - more video tutorials?

#AskEden - more video tutorials?

keeweepoo keeweepoo
I think there should be more tutorial videos on how to use the site. It has taken me a long time to get my bearings and I'm sure the time it takes to figure things out keeps people away.
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PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
There are some GREAT threads on how to navigate the site with photos to help make it easier to understand.

Forum Navigation

Mentor Program

Review Program

Buyout Reviews

Assigned On-site Reviews

and others.

And make sure you check out the directory and expectations of conduct.

I hope these are helpful to you!
MrWill MrWill
Sometimes I wish there was a flag option that said hey! This contributor is being a general bad ass taking care of people! Great response PropertyOfPotter! Always on the ball
keeweepoo keeweepoo
Thanks, Property of Potter! I've seen these, but I guess my attention span is too short to take too much of it in at once. I prefer videos as I learn best with those, but it's good to know the info is out there!
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