#EdenUpdate - Community Roundup - #01

#EdenUpdate - Community Roundup - #01

Gary Gary
Welcome to the Community Roundup, where we’ll keep you updated on the exciting things that have been happening on EdenFantasys over the past month! Since this is our first roundup, we’ll also be highlighting the top news from the past few months.

Site Updates:
Many site updates and improvements have happened this year. We now have a universal login, so you can login from Facebook, Google, and more. New forum features were added, as well as a re-categorization of topics. New featured product pages and banners made their appearance. Statistics were added for community participation, and anonymous abuse reporting in the forums was added. Three of the most exciting changes on the site were EdenPoints, Personal Stores, and the Mentor Program.

The EdenPoints Program allows anyone to get points for their activities onsite: rating products, writing reviews, voting and commenting in the forum, and many other activities. Points can be redeemed for EdenFantasys gift cards!

Personal Stores:
Personal Stores are created by our contributors on EdenFantasys. These stores are designed and named by our contributors, and they pick the theme of the store and the featured products.

The Mentor Program:
The Mentor Program was launched as a way for new community members to interact with advanced reviewers and become stronger community members. Many of our advanced reviewers took on students to help the product testing, writing reviews and how to be a good contributor. The program is still involving, but it’s great to see so many new contributors taking advantage of the program!

Community Interviews:
From authors to manufacturers, adult entertainers to bloggers, the Community Interview has continued to feature some candid and enlightening questions and answers! This year, we interviewed: Alicia Kay (Je Joue), Em and Lo (sex and relationship writers), The Bloggess (Jenny Lawson), Tom Stewart (Sportssheets), Suki Dunham (OhMiBod), Raven Alexis, (adult star), Mitzi Szereto (author and web TV entrepreneur), Buck Angel (adult filmmaker), Jaiya (sexologist), Paul Krassner (comic and satirist), and Sarah Norris (Fantasy Lingerie). Our latest interview featured author, editor, sensuality coach, and founder of Stiletto U, Lori Bryant-Woolridge. Thank you to everyone for asking your questions, and stay tuned for more fascinating interviews in the coming months!

EdenCafe published many great articles this year, on a wide variety of topics ranging from age and body image to transgendered issues and kink. The diverse articles range from serious to funny. This year’s ANME Founders Show is featured in a series of articles as well. If you haven’t stopped by and read them, you should!

EdenCafe has also held some great contests with fantastic prizes, including the G-Ki from Je Joue, the Tor, Bo, and Ina from Lelo, glass dildos and plugs from Glassvibrations, OhMiBod's Freestyle, the Dipper from Tantus, Evolved's Sugar and Spice, and the Little Chroma from JimmyJane, just to name a few. The current contest on EdenCafe is for the Lelo Siri - head over and enter for your chance to win!

SexIs Magazine turned one year old this year! The magazine also went to print for the first time, publishing two issues in the first half of this year. I hope you got your copies, either with Bust Magazine, or by requesting them free from us. SexIs introduced the Naked Reader Book Club this year! Each month, 2 to 3 books are selected from Cleis Press along a specific theme, and community members are invited to join in on the forums each month for a hosted discussion. They also do fun Twitterotica contests that challenge you to write erotica in 140 characters or less.

The Review Program:
In addition to our regular review programs, this year EdenFantasys introduced the Ambassador Program. This program allows bloggers to share their opinion on EdenFantasys and its products. Our review program has been growing this year, and we’ve had a number of reviewers reach some amazing milestones. NuMe, Jimbo Jones, Jul!a, Mistress Kay, and AmandasView all hit 100 reviews this year, and CarrieAnn and ~LaUr3n~ passed the 200 mark. Congratulations to all!

PS: we have an awesome time-sensitive promotion going on right now, where you can get a $25 gift card for signing up a friend.

Weekly Review Rumble:
The Review Rumbles have remained a popular feature, and this year semi-final rounds were also added to pick the best review each quarter. Our first two semi finals winners were Jewgasm for his “My Penis Deserves an Apology” review, and NuMe for her “The Lady and the Ramp.” These reviews will go head to head at the end of the year for the best review of the year! New rumbles will also be coming for video reviews! All videos submitted during the month will compete for the best video of the month.

Video Reviews:
The Video Review Program is going strong, with over 500 submitted so far this year. Videos can now be added to any review, and many of our contributors have been taking advantage of this! We’ve had some wonderfully creative and informative videos come in – keep up the good work!

EdenTube is the place where you can view all the videos uploaded by contributors. But it's more than that! You can also find "Tuesdays with Nina Hartley", company videos, and SexIs video interviews. With more videos added every day, EdenTube is the place to get great visual information.

Tutorial Blog Posts:
The EdenFantasys Blog is back! A lot of tutorial blog posts for the site features and frequently asked questions have been added recently, like Account Setup and Product Search – these will be a great tool for navigating your way through the site areas. Please check them out, and let us know what you’d like to see!

Social Media:
EdenFantasys has a page on FaceBook that you should go over and like! We’ve also created our own EdenGift app with which you can have fun sending virtual sex toy gifts to your friends. While you’re there, you can like the fan pages for both EdenCafe and Sexis Magazine too!

We also have several Twitter accounts, in addition to the main EdenFantasys Twitter, we have: EdenReviews (for new reviews posted to the site) and EFCustomerCare (for customer service problems and questions), EdenParties (biweekly twitter parties), EdenCafe (for EdenCafe news), SexisMagazine (for updates and news on Sexis), EdenTube (video reviews and more), and EdenAmbassadors (promoting great testimonials). Give these a follow and keep up with all the information from EdenFantasys!
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Gary Gary
Eden Ambassadors:
The Eden Ambassadors Program provides bloggers with the opportunity to share their thoughts on Eden Fantasys in exchange for a free product. You can choose to write about a product you have received from us, or about Eden Fantasys and its sex-positive community, or about the many different kinds of sex products we carry. The beauty of the Ambassador Program is that bloggers can talk about it in a way that is most fitting for their blog.

That’s all for the Community Roundup this time! Keep an eye out next month for your update to the exciting things happening at EdenFantasys!

All the best,
The Eden Team
Gary Gary
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Wow! When I got this in my email this morning and read it, I was seriously impressed by all that you guys have been doing!
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
We're workin' hard, workin' hard! Life is good!
Owl Identified Owl Identified
Yeah I got this email and was pretty amazed. It's a lot to see it all laid out and then to actually realize how many projects Edenfantasys has going and how much work goes into. It's pretty amazing. Great work, everyone.
Owl Identified Owl Identified
Yeah I got this email and was pretty amazed. It's a lot to see it all laid out and then to actually realize how many projects Edenfantasys has going and how much work goes into. It's pretty amazing. Great work, everyone.
kck kck
The e-mail made me smile, too! Great job, guys! And thanks
Lady Venus Lady Venus
All the reasons why I LOVE EF so much! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to the community!
00 00
So much as been going on and happening at EF and it's great!
MuffysPinguLove MuffysPinguLove
The email made me smile too! Do you guys ever sleep?
El-Jaro El-Jaro
Originally posted by MuffysPinguLove
The email made me smile too! Do you guys ever sleep?
...not really, no. I blink often, though.
Jul!a Jul!a
I've loved watching everything here evolve in the months that I've been here. Keep up all the hard work guys, you all rock!
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