In the Pink Answers All!

In the Pink Answers All!

Mr Guy Mr Guy
Victoria, EF's answer to the Energizer Bunny, has answered all your questions: link

How does she get her hair that blinding degree of pink?

What kind of oatmeal does she like?

What's her favorite sex toy?

Just how Metal is she? Could she take Tom Araya in a fight?

What is Mission: Coming Home and why is it so full of awesomesauce?

You want answers? Go read 'em! link
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Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
I'm totally bummed that I missed the mark on the dye color since I used to do the black and pink thing myself. I was positive I was right.

I have to admit I enjoyed that interview a lot better than the last one. Not because Sarah gave a bad interview. She gave a great one! It just seemed more interesting to hear from someone we sort of "know".
Victoria Victoria
Man, you guys hit me with 40 questions...dang! I bet it would have been even more if the interview had been up longer. BUT - I thank you - because all of those questions were great, even wacky boohoo and her wax fruit. And I answered them all because, well...I wanted everyone to get an answer.

Now that you know everything but my social security number, I hope you all see me as more of a real person.

Thank you all again for the questions, I put 29,000 + characters into those answers, but if you have further questions as a result of some of my answers, go ahead and ask me.
Cinnamon Chambers Cinnamon Chambers
You go girl!! lol
Nashville Nashville
This was a great interview. Victoria gave in depth answers and I love that she answered every question asked. It's nice to get to know her better, especially since we work so intimately together through the review program.

I was surprised and pleased with a lot of the answers. She gave really well thought out responses and her background in music made me feel an instant connection. It's also nice to know a little bit more of where she's coming from, I feel like we have a great new program manager that's going to lead us in an exciting direction.

Job well done EF, this is a great interview to kick off the program with. (Not to say Sarah's wasn't great.. but ya know, ya know?)
Dragon Dragon
Wow! In the Pink wrote a lot, and was honest. Thanks.
Jimbo Jones Jimbo Jones
I agrere that was a pretty sweet interview. Good questions and awesome answers. Thanks for doing it!
Liz2 Liz2
Loved your answers, just hope all folks become even more open to toys and the adult industry in general. I believe society is moving toward this sense of openness but all too slowly for me.
Airlia Airlia
Great interview! I can't wait to hear more about the Mission: Coming home. If you haven't already you can expand it more by getting in touch with FRG's (family readiness groups) about to welcome their soldiers home and donate your baskets to them. They are unable to solicit money or goods but can accept them if approached.

My husband constantly deploys and we're always looking at new ways to have an exciting welcome home (because they're always emotional!!).
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