#AskEden - Product Search Free Assignment Feedback

#AskEden - Product Search Free Assignment Feedback

ArcaneBlast ArcaneBlast
I've noticed that the product search is usually inaccurate for finding assignments.
It says an item is eligible, but sometimes when you try to get that product it says that it has too many reviews or pending reviews.
Perhaps there should be a way to keep it updated?
Also the lingerie section seems to follow the same eligibility requirements as the toys and such sections instead of the actual eligibility requirement of no assigned reviews.
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AskEden AskEden
We have a 'contributor product search' project in the pipeline for a little while now that will hopefully simplify your ability to search, and show you more available products. So please be patient.

I would like to share a few points that might help to explain your question about pending reviews and availability. Obviously none of you can see the back end so some of these points might not be obvious to you.

- Let's say you request an assignment on a product new to the system, that says its available at the time you request it. Three are available, but you are the 4th person to request this item (this is very common for new products). Since this product is available until it is assigned, the 4th, 5th, and 6th persons assignments get canceled.

- Another common scenario. Let's say you request an assignment on Friday for an item that is currently available, but over the weekend we sell out of that item. On Monday your assignment is now canceled due to zero inventory.

- And finally the rules for costumes and lingerie. All products currently operate under the same classifications in the review/assignment admin. Therefore lingerie may say it is available (under the typical 3 assignment rule), when it however is being held to it's own rule.

Lingerie Assignment Guidelines

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