Anal play, but not anal sex?

Contributor: joja joja
Although I like to play with my ass alone and will occasionally allow some anal play during partner sex, I am pretty uninterested in having actual anal sex. I'm not sure why - it just seems like an incredible amount of work, and so likely to be painful with my boy's size (I'm often sore just from vaginal sex, and don't really feel like moving the pain down two inches).

Is this common? Do you think I may eventually 'graduate' to an interest in anal sex in the future?

For the record, I don't feel pressured to try it or anything, I'm just afraid I may be missing out because of baseless inhibitions.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Sir Sir
Sure it's common to feel like the partner's size might hurt, ESPECIALLY if it hurts you vaginally. That seems like a reasonable assumption to me! However, I do feel that one day, if you are comfortable enough, working up to your partner's size may help you in this area. Perhaps if you use smaller dildos at first, or even a plug, you may become "opened up" to the idea.
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
Sex does not have to involve a penis going in an orifice. You can enjoy "anal sex" by using fingers or dildos or plugs or probes (or even a finger rubbing across the anus without penetrating) and never have to worry about size. You should not have to have a certain type of sex because you feel "forced to", and that can be either physical force or emotional force. If at some point you do want to try it then you can start moving in that direction, but until you want to you shouldn't feel pressured.

If you do decide you want to try then start moving slowly and remember that it's relaxing, not "stretching". You can always come back then for more pointers.