HotMama2three HotMama2three
So we are newish to anal and pegging. Last night I used my Pure Wand (small end) on my partner and the mess that Wand was covered in feces, and I mean covered. I'm not squeamish about it, and had a towel handy. I'm a birth doula and have little ones in diapers, so I deal with yucky stuff and it's no big deal. But partner was totally embarrassed. And of course it put a damper on things, because then he had to head to the bathroom. I knew it was likely because the smell changed as we were going at it. How do we avoid this? Did I go too deep with the want and stimulate a bowel movement? When I prep (shower). I make sure my rectum is empty manually. He hasn't. Help please :-(
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Big Dog Big Dog
He needs to watch what he eats that day.

My rule of thumb is to keep it liquid.

No heavy meals, nuts, corn or any other food that doesn't digest.

And a bm several hours before is imperative. Plus a shower doesn't hurt.

It's gonna happen but keep trying.
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
My fiance always uses the bathroom right before we do anything anal. After he's done in the bathroom, he lubes himself up. I am sure if he finds he's a little dirty still, he cleans it up. So far we haven't had any mess on any of our anal toys.
- Kira - - Kira -
Bathroom beforehand will help with that. Healthy eating habits, not just that day, but in general will make a huge difference. If he's still worried about mess then a warm water enema a few hours before anal play will clear everything out.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Great suggestions from everyone. A good diet, plenty of fluids and knowing you bodies timing will go a long way. I find a warm water douche an hour before cleans me out plenty good, even when I go deep like with the Cowboy.
HotMama2three HotMama2three
Thank you for the suggestions. I think he hasn't been checking himself out thoroughly. He's newer to this than I am, as I started making sure I was really clean inside and out after the first time he put a tongue in my ass, but he's just now letting me try stuff on him. I told him how I clean up and hopefully he takes it to heart before our harness gets here.
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