Bignuf Bignuf
Have you found that eating anything with it breads (rye, multi-grain)..etc, causes irritation to either partner during anal play, since often those seeds (small one's like rye or poppy) tend to hang around in the rectal tissue much longer then other materials? (and can be "scratchy or irritating"?

Anyone had this problem? Anyone avoid seeded bagels, bread or cookies because it hinders anal play?
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
We eat a fair amount of nuts and seeds - but have never experienced this phenomena. Do tell - have you had this experience? If so, what can do about it - an anal douche?
Suisei Suisei
It has been mentioned by others in the past, and in reading material regarding anal play and sexual activity, that difficult-to-digest materials, like seeds, nuts and certain vegetables, can prove challenging when it comes to anal play.

Think about seeds, for a moment. Many seeds are carried far from their original plant by animals that eat them. The seeds themselves must have the proper defense mechanisms against the animals' digestive tracts. The outer shell of an intact seed is surprisingly resilient!

While it can be unavoidable in processed foods garnished with seeds, in your own cooking and baking, there are solutions. If you still want the health benefits of various seeds, such as flax, you can grind them up in a food processor until they're a fine meal.
I tend to eat a good deal of nuts and seeds myself, but I only rarely encounter any issues. While it may not eliminate the risk altogether, a bulk-forming fibre supplement, such as original Metamucil, should help you to evacuate everything effectively.

Summary, because this post was too long:
Animals poop seeds. It's the circle of life!
When making food, grind seeds into meal.
To help eliminate seeds and debris, take bulk-forming fibre supplements.
Chou Wang Chou Wang
I have also the same experience - the seeds stay undigested and can cause irritations of the colon in some cases. However an enema is solving this problem.
RedGlitter RedGlitter
Wow, never thought about it, before!
But, no, no problems for us!
Antipova Antipova
Whew, I'd never thought of this before! Luckily none for me!
RedKyuubi RedKyuubi
Never had this and I eat a lot of seeds. But I do see how it could happen
emiliaa emiliaa
Well that's something I never thought of. o_O still never tried anal, so idk.
ScottA ScottA
Every once and a while I'll notice some hard stuff back there during anal play, but it's not that often and it usually doesn't cause a problem.

Stuff is usually pretty packed together by the time it gets that far down.

If you need to a quick rinse with water (anal douche/enema) should get them out. Maybe do two or three just to make sure.
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