Time for Advanced Love Swings? Anyone else want what I am thinking of???

Time for Advanced Love Swings? Anyone else want what I am thinking of???

Bignuf Bignuf
Anyone else want a love swing that goes to the "next level"? Hubby and I were trying to think of what WE want in a love swing (we have two now...both fit on our free standing frame).

I want one with a cross hanger type top, rather then the current "parachute" two straps up design. In that way, you could get more control leaning forward or back. Plus I want one with a MOTORIZED pully up top. They do kiddie bouncer swings like this.

A motor with hand control (for either lover) would allow "rider" to go up, down, around or "bounce" at different speed and with the "height of each bounce" controllable.

I would LOVE a swing where I could get my rigid hubby to lay on the floor (on his Liberator platform, of course...must be comfy, and I could lower myself down and plug his cock right into my vagina or anus, and then either SPIN or Bounce..or both. Oh my, I can imagine the sensations. I am drenched just writing this.

Anyone else think this ADVANCED swing idea is worth SOMEONE making???
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Ghost Ghost
Probably not your intention, but this just reminds me of those people that have to be hoisted out of their homes because they can't move themselves... like a way to help them have sex.

In any case, it would be too clunky for me. If I want suspension at all, it involves rope and has to be very "aesthetic".
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