Tips to relax and work up to larger sized toys?

Contributor: pollux pollux
I am trying to work up to using larger anal toys. So far I've been buying dildos that look good but that I'm just not ready for. I feel very comfortable taking in my four inch dildo that is a little over 3.5 inches in circumference (about 1.1 inches in diameter). But it leaves me feeling unfulfilled. I've tried larger dildos but just can't get them inside. My problem, I think, is that I'm just not relaxing.

I've tried having a glass of wine, breathing, getting myself started with my smaller toys, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any tips or approaches that seem to work well for others?
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Contributor: ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
A nice hot bath works good, if you have a toy that can be used with silicone lube, use it in the tub as well. I also find a vibe will also work to relax my sphincters.
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
Hot bath, warm the toy, and you need to convince yourself that it is OK to relax and nothing bad is going to slip out.

Once you do whatever you need to do to get ready (it should include lots of lube right before penetration ). Find a spot where you can relax completely and don't have to hold yourself up. Insert a dildo that you know you can handle. Work it a little and relax around it. Enjoy the pleasure, get used to the feeling. Then you slowly work up - try to slide the bigger dildo in (
Contributor: Rainbow Boy Rainbow Boy
As Dwtim mentioned, a vibrating toy will relax the anal muscles. Also, you shouldn't try moving up to a large toy so quickly. You said that the largest dildo you have is 1.1 inches in diameter. Try to make it your goal to comfortably accommodate a 1.25 inch diameter toy next instead of something that's 1.5 inches. In addition, before using a larger toy you should try slowly massaging and eventually thrusting with your smaller dildo first. This should help relax your muscles. Whenever engaging in anal play, make sure you're really in the mood and not forcing it.

Different positions always help, too. Don't do it standing up. Try lying on your abdomen or on your back. Those positions are always comfortable and accessible.

And always, always, always use plenty of lube! I find that Maximus is the best for anal.