Toy suggestions, please! Working my way up to anal sex.

Contributor: bh253 bh253
My first anal toy was the Bootie and my second anal toy was the B-bomb and my third anal toy was the Ryder. I can take all three of them easily, and I have been wearing one of the three nearly daily for a couple weeks.

I want to try anal with my male partner. Where do I go from here? And how many toys should I practice with before trying anal sex?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Mwar Mwar
Unless your guy is really large, those toys take care of it, really. Everyone's different, but those toys should be ample warm up. An orgasm and sex before anal never hurts too.

Lots of lube and time is what you need. Your guy has to be patient and you should control the entry for safety and the best experience possible.
Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by bh253
My first anal toy was the Bootie and my second anal toy was the B-bomb and my third anal toy was the Ryder. I can take all three of them easily, and I have been wearing one of the three nearly daily for a couple weeks.

I want to try anal with ... more
We have been into ANAL play for decades and I can offer you some, hopefully, good advice. This is almost the exact same advice I just posted to someone wanting to JUST get into anal, but it applies. I NEVER prepped the way you did, with those toys. Believe me...YOU ARE SO READY.

1. SLOW...then slower. No matter what you do. Till you learn your real limits. Anal play is to be done SOBER (so you KNOW what you are doing and are in CONTROL) and without using anything to NUMB that region. You WANT to know what is going on. With a TOY you control everything. With a LOVER, trust and communication are going to be ESSENTIAL.

2. Use a GOOD quality thick, slippery lube. If toys are to be involved, best to use a WATER BASED lube. Plenty of them to choose from here at EF with incredible reviews. Any lube seems to work on toys, but with a lover, you want something that really is SUPER good.

3. Perhaps you and your lover read a good book about anal play TOGETHER. Watch some "anal sex training" videos too. READ all the tips on other blog posts here...TOGETHER.

4. LUBE...more lube. THEN...when you think you have used too much...ADD MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

5. Did I mention LUBE? Good...USE MORE.

6. Position is a HUGE deal to me. There are a lot of woman here who swear by doggy style. I consider myself an anal REGULAR (at least three or four times a week for over 40 years), but CANNOT, WILL NOT, DO NOT do "doggy style". IT HURTS and I am NOT into pain!!!!!

For me, I do BEST laying on my back, butt on a pillow, with my tush JUST over the edge of the bed. Hubby STANDS next to the bed and is able to enter me PAIN FREE this way, with my legs up HIGH (either on his shoulders or feet on his chest). Great position for other reasons too. He can use toys in my vagina, he can play with my clit, if he REALLY stretches, he can lean over and kiss me (not too easy), but we CAN look eye to eye, and he can even play with my breasts!!!

Another position we love is SPOONING, with me on my left side, or for more intense sensation, again, I am on my left side, but scooted to the edge of the bed, again, where hubby is standing and penetrates me that way. HE does not mind the standing part and it is the BEST position for him to get REALLY deep into me and me to really feel him. For some reason too, I can feel him CUM best this way. I can feel every contraction of his penis pumping and true story...I have 1. had a FULLY ANAL ORGASM that way and 2. Actually SQUIRTED from an anal play orgasm that way (really soaking the bed and making a mess...which is why we now use a Liberator Thro under us for this kind of play...all fun, no worries).

Again, for me, I can take a toy (mine are all slender) in ANY position...but for my guy, I need to be in the right position or it is just no fun.

7. Just don't rush things and have fun. IF the first time, you don't go or get penetrated "all the way" DON'T worry. The anus is NOT a vagina either...PUMPING and POUNDING is not needed. Sometimes just getting in SLOW and then STAYING STILL (hard for a guy) is the way to go. Just BOTH enjoy the pressure and the incredible intimacy of the act.

ANYWAY...good luck to you.

Have fun and ENJOY

P.S. Did I mention....ADD MORE LUBE???? Trust me, JUST DO IT.
Contributor: ScottA ScottA
Start with non-"anal sex" partner play - partner's fingers on the outside, partner's fingers on the inside, partner controlling a toy - then move on to full sex. Note that there will probably be some time between starting anal play and full penis-anal sex - perhaps days, weeks or months. Don't move on until you are 100% comfortable.

Once you try penis-anal: Go slow, lots of lube. After insertion take a break for a few minutes and let everything get used to it before starting thrusting. Don't be afraid to take it out and re-lube, don't try hard and fast for a while.