Impossible for me to have clitoral orgasms with a partner.

Contributor: doowop doowop
Any tips?

For me it's very mental. I get close, then I think "wow, I'm actually getting close", then I lose it. I'm a pro at squirting g spot orgasms with my partner, but clitoral ones completely escape me. It's so frustrating.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Are you getting actual clitoral stimulation (hands or toy)? I find it a little difficult to get off when it's just my partner working on it, to be honest I usually take it into my own hands during thrusting!

Do you have regular clitoral orgasms during masturbation? If not I would definitely suggest more solo practice time!
Contributor: doowop doowop
I have clitoral orgasms just find when it's solo. But with a partner it's just impossible. I should add that I'm a lesbian. No clit orgasms is kinda frustrating cuz it's limiting what we can do.