Looking for the best g spot rabbit

Contributor: sexytileena / absolutely love sex sexytileena / absolutely love sex
Need a strong g- spot with clit stimulation Which one?
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Royal surfer
Sugar bumps
Passion wave butterfly
Ultimate decadent
Zini zook
Zini hua
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Engaging topic analysis of G-spot:

g-spot access
What is the best way to get off from g spot play?

G spot vibrators - which is good for a first-timer?
which one u think would be a good one for the first timer i have never had one and am looking for a good one

What is your favorite position to have a G Spot orgasm?
G spotting is hard for me so I'm curious on how everyone else gets theirs

Got a g spot toy but having problems with comfort?
I recently got the Lelo Ella in attempt to hopefully have my first g spot orgasm. I've found that kneeling on the floor and resting my head on my bed.

Squirting question for the ladies
I've been trying, with mild success to get my partner to squirt. I've had success with g spot stimulation, but nothing surefire. Does clitoral...
Contributor: SoloJoe SoloJoe
passion wave
Contributor: HotMilk HotMilk
Passion wave butterfly