How "loud" do you like your man to show their enjoyment?

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Originally posted by junepe60
what about the rollong of the eyes
Rolling of the eyes and moans are the best signs!
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These options have me ROFL XD When it comes to my partners, I don't mind how quiet or loud they are as long as I can tell they are enjoying it. For people who don't tend to make noise, I try to pay extra close attention to physical signs - the way their thighs clench or hands flex is a good indicator. I would get performance anxiety if there didn't seem to be any indication at all that they were enjoying it, and might ask for feedback to make sure it's pleasurable for them, but otherwise I wouldn't push them.
That said, it is REALLY HOT when someone gets vocal. Doesn't have to be screaming the building down, just a moan or even a grunt tells me that I'm hitting a good spot. So it can definitely be an ego boost.