A question for lesbians...

Contributor: Joanie Joanie
Ok so this time I'll ask things differently because I'm really curious to know what you think. When it comes to giving oral sex, I do have a problem with vaginal secretions in my mouth. Sometimes I gag (because it feels like mucus). I was just wondering how you reacted to that the first time you gave oral sex to a girl. What are your thoughts on vaginal secretions?

Did you get used to it over time? If not, how do you deal with this?

Thanks for sharing.

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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: CharlotteNicole CharlotteNicole
You could try a dental dam.
Contributor: Jess.McCleod Jess.McCleod
I never honestly put the two consistencies together but you do have a point I suppose lol I suppose with me the smell, taste, and circumstances are so different that its hard not to realize exactly what's in my mouth and why. Though I do sympathize, I absolutely could never get over the taste of male cum.

I seriously doubt this much later you're looking for a response - but to anyone who stumbles across this post with the same question I think maybe build up could help. Instead of going down on a girl straight off the bat make sure you're truly in the mood and rearing to go. Maybe also trying different positions, like her sitting up more, where she can reach you better and truly interact with you could keep you *in the zone*?

Good luck everyone!
Contributor: Otelia Otelia
I am down there for very good reasons and I know what I am getting into, I guess I just get carried away......
Contributor: VanillaFreeSex VanillaFreeSex
Try adding extra saliva