Anyone given their guy oral with an ice cube in their mouth? How did HE like it????

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
Do you ever try to pleasure your guy orally with an ice cube in your mouth? How did that work out for you? Did he enjoy it???? Is there a "hot/cold" thing going????

Please share.
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Contributor: Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
My wife does this from time to time. It's great when I'm in the mood for it. If not then I think it qualifies as S&M.

Contributor: GoneBabyGone GoneBabyGone
Nope, but I like to brush my teeth and use mouthwash first. Gives a nice cooling tingling feeling, especially if you blow on it.
Contributor: geliebt geliebt
I have. It wasn't super spectacular for him apparently but he did definitely enjoy it.
Contributor: zensgirl10 zensgirl10