Ever tried buttered popcorn salt on your guys shaft????

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
I just posted a question about our little oral adventure last night...one where we were watching TV, and as usual, I had my head in his lap and was sucking on my favorite lollipop.

After a while, I made some popcorn for us both, and unlike my usual caramel corn (my favorite), I made some "movie theater butter" (since I was given a gift basket with popcorn, different popcorn seasonings..etc), as a gift.

While enjoying the popcorn, I tried a little experiment with my then buttery, salty hands. I sprinkled a little popcorn salt on his shaft (NOT in the tip)...after rubbing my buttered hands on it. Sure enough, that SUPER FINE salt stuck there, and I was able to suck him off, with a nice, buttery/salty flavor. YUM.

Anyone ever tried that one???? It WORKS!!!! He smiled, I smiled....oh my, win/win. . A NEW low cal, buttery, salty snack on my list!!!!!
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