Do you dislike/not want to even try oral sex? Advice needed.

Contributor: Red Riding Hood Red Riding Hood
After looking through the forums, I couldn't find anything really answering all of my questions here.

First of all, do any of you dislike or not want oral sex? If so, do you have a reason why (that you are willing to share)?

What has brought this question to mind is that I am at a state where I have decline oral on MANY occasions. I used to just NOT want it. It sounded awkward and didn't seem like I could really get off with it. Years passed and I have realized that I find myself thinking about it and deep inside I kind of want it.

Part of me is still saying "NOOOOO" and I wonder to myself... Did I ingrain this idea in my head that I don't want it. Am I still thinking this because of how I felt before? Something inside maybe telling me to stick to my guns? Part of me feels like I am just shy about it. I LOVE showering the other person with attention and worshiping them orally, but the thought of someone cramming their face down there on me just seems so strange. I'm not exactly worried about taste or smell. I just feel like... I don't want that much attention focused on me.

Maybe it's a physical thing, perhaps emotional. I want to know if anyone else feels the same way and has this same conflict. I am also willing to take advice or suggestions from others. Maybe there's a reason I haven't thought of. I would love to just let go, be free and say "yes". WHAT IS KEEPING ME FROM DOING THIS??? I know it's just something in the back of my mind, but I can't put my finger on it. Thanks in advance!
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Useful topic breakdown on Oral sex enhancers:

How was your first time giving oral sex?
Was it a good experience? Were you turned of my the hair? Did you expect the taste to be different? Were you persuaded to do it or was it your idea?

Any kinky idea for giving men oral?
I kinda wanna spice things up in the bedroom! Ladies, do you have any tricks that you do that your partner lovess during oral sex?

What do you think about hairy balls?
Sorry for the graphic question, but I just have to ask... I love giving head and I love giving a lot of oral attention to the balls. But when balls...

Do you direct your lover during oral sex or do you just go with the flow even if you wished they were doing it dupifferently?
Just curious who speaks up to get what they want from oral sex.

So ladies... Do any of you not like to have oral sex performed on you? And if so why?
I was talking to some ladies at work who were discussing the exact opposite topic and when I flipped the discussion I got varied answers. Anybody care
Contributor: Jake'n'bake Jake'n'bake
To be honest, I don't like a lot of the aspects of oral - it means I have to be highly conscious of smells and tastes down there and other people might not be so courteous. However, it feels great. It's kind of an iffy thing for me.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
My wife went through a time when she didn't care for oral sex. It was after we started using vibrators and my tongue just couldn't make it happen for her anymore. Then she started to shave - then lasered her pubes - making her much more sensitive.

She loves it now - but as a part of foreplay because she doesn't orgasm from oral play. The change also coincides with her new approach to sex - which that sex is more recreation than romance.

Since that change, now we do whatever is fun and oral is a part of that. That change includes more oral for me - which is also a welcome improvement.
Contributor: Moein Moein
Originally posted by Jake'n'bake
To be honest, I don't like a lot of the aspects of oral - it means I have to be highly conscious of smells and tastes down there and other people might not be so courteous. However, it feels great. It's kind of an iffy thing for me.
You are absolutly right..
But taking a shower before, applying some body perfume, and smooth shaving makes it very acceptablee for both. I and my wife do that always. We beleive that intimate related to love and love is a pure and (clean) relation, so every thing related to it must be clean.
Contributor: Ghost Ghost
I don't like oral sex, and it's not because I'm self conscious. I just don't like it. I find it boring and I don't find it very stimulating. My husband loves performing it, though, so I'll let him from time to time, but not for very long. It seriously just find it boring and a waste of my time.
Contributor: - Kira - - Kira -
I'm with Elnoa. I get very bored with oral. It just doesn't do anything for me. I can't orgasm and it doesn't even turn me on enough to warm me up for other things. My husband also likes doing it, but he doesn't like the meh reaction he gets so I think he's kinda given up on it. lol

I'm also somewhat self conscious of smells and tastes, but I usually shower before sex anyhow. I wouldn't go for it if I haven't showered for sure.
Contributor: Jul!a Jul!a
I enjoy receiving it, but even if I know I'm clean I still worry that I might be offensive in some manner. I've never been a big fan of giving either, but I try to suck it up from time to time because I know my husband enjoys the hell out of it. He never guilts me into it though.
Contributor: socceras socceras
I like oral sex both ways
Contributor: Red Riding Hood Red Riding Hood
OMG I love you guys. So many of my friends talk to me like I'm nuts. It's nice to see that it's not uncommon for it to be desired less. I mean I'm sure there are several hangups I have, but at least I know it's nothing new. I do wonder if the act is more novelty at times and seeing so many women say it does little for them makes me think this even more. Thanks. I don't feel like such an oddball, now.
Contributor: SimpleTeaser SimpleTeaser
So glad that I found your post! I dislike receiving because, I don't reach orgasm through oral sex. However, I am self conscious which might contribute to that since I don't relax and clear my mind. A million things run through my mind at the time.

I also dislike giving oral sex. I'll still do it once in awhile (hence my recent poll).