Do you swallow?

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by P'Gell
IMO, taste has little to do with it. For me, it was first, getting over the idea of "swallowing" (which, when I was in HS was equated with being "loose" for some ridiculous reason) and also the texture. I actually choose my food, ... more
I so love your descriptions!!!!! We certainly don't have the same experience on this one, but I still love to read your life take on this!!!!!!
Contributor: Cora Jane Cora Jane
I used to swallow all the time, but for some reason I can't do it anymore. Makes me feel like I'm going to throw up.
Contributor: Pinkshirt Pinkshirt
I will swallow but if it falls on my face or just outside of my mouth I will run for the bathroom. It's weird I can't explain.
Contributor: KRD KRD
I have no issues with it and my man loves it when I swallow.
Contributor: Heatherbipoly Heatherbipoly
I've never had i guy cum in my mouth before but be willing to try it.
Contributor: SavingMyself SavingMyself
I don't swallow, my husband smokes and drinks, so his cum tastes horrible. Also I can't stand the texture.
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Originally posted by Liz2
Recently during a discussion with a girlfriend she told me that she cannot and will not swallow cum. She revealed that if she does get cum in her mouth she spits it out into a tissue. Says the taste makes her nauseous....
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It's not too bad, I find it kind of hot. And really once it's in your mouth, you've already tasted it, why not just swallow?
Contributor: Thumper Logic Thumper Logic
Always have and always will. It's just personal preference, but I also think it's polite and sexy because it's a slightly submissive act.
Contributor: JPace JPace
I've never minded the texture or taste (which is what stops my partner from swallowing). It's something he likes to see and something I don't mind doing (or passing up when the roles get reversed), so it's never really been an issue.
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Originally posted by Gunsmoke
I didn't vote because I'm not gay - but my wife does swallow.

However she did not early on - I liken it to an acquired taste. After all, who liked beer or cigarettes the first time?

Eventually she just realized that 'its a ... more
I completely agree. It is all mental. I didn't know I "had the option" the first time I gave a blow job. If the cum was in my mouth, I didn't know not to swallow it. And on the taste factor, if you have to go to the other room to spit wouldn't the taste be in your mouth already. I never understood that rational.
Contributor: RedKyuubi RedKyuubi
I do not swallow
Contributor: Zandrock Zandrock
We dont
Contributor: Shayla Shayla
I've tried it once, and it made me gag. I just personally dont like the warm, slimey feeling in my mouth. Especially now since I'm pregnant, the smell makes me sick. But more power to the ones who do it! My guy doesnt mind that I dont, so I dont feel too bad
Contributor: MK434 MK434
I swallow almost all of the time, every once in a while I spit it out but not very often.
Contributor: glasskitten glasskitten
Where the "other" option? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I will say that sometimes no amount of politeness can make up for a person's naturally horrible taste (as was the case with my previous boyfriend).

And now I'm re-living awful memories. Thanks, OP, thanks.
Contributor: Lori Gonzales Lori Gonzales
from a woman hell yes
Contributor: kkizzee05 kkizzee05
My boyfriend, most of the time, has little to no taste, but even when he does I still swallow. I feel that he enjoys it more when I swallow than if I was to spit it out, but he does not mind either way, as long as I am comfortable. He really goes out of his way to please me so I do the same for him. Plus, it's not the taste that sometimes bother me, but the texture, but like I said, I want to please him as much as he does me so I don't mind swallowing at all. It turns me on
Contributor: mjtheprincess mjtheprincess
I love it. I love the taste. I love all the little things people say it does, like strengthen your enamel haha. and I love the face the guy gives me. I work hard for that and I am going to suck it down! a) it's easy and clean b) it's sexy c) i lovve it. I don't dis on people who don't swallow though, unless they've never tried. you gotta try it at least once to know you don't like it!
Contributor: Intrepid Niddering Intrepid Niddering
I've always swallowed. It just has never occurred to me to not swallow.
Contributor: gehuwd gehuwd
I wish I could. I know my husband would go nuts! I just can't stomach it.
Contributor: LittleBun91 LittleBun91
I'll swallow, but not without grimacing just a little.