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Do you like for a woman to have a shaven or trimmed bikini?
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Forum highlights on Oral sex enhancers:

Women Who Don't Want To Kiss After Oral?
For years, my wife refuses to kiss me after she gives me a blowjob, but she always loves to kiss ME after I give her oral. When I asked her about it,

oral sex
Should oral sex go both ways in a women and a mans relationship?

How many of you girls like to give oral sex to your partners?
how many of you enjoying giving head?

Numbing for head?
I know not everyone likes the numbing creams for giving head. But which do u reccomend?

Do you like the taste of sperm?
Or do you spit/swallow because your partner likes it?
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
My wife shaved for some time - then had laser treatments - I love it!
Jaybird Jaybird
I feel like I like shaven or trimmed better than not(preferable shaven), but for the most part I'm fine with whatever she wants to do. Hair down there just gets kinda weird for me during oral, is all.
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