Is there a safe, natural way for a woman to change the taste of her vaginal juices?

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
There are lots of threads about how to make a guys sperm taste "different", "sweeter"...whatever. Eat fruit, avoid red meat and caffeine, etc. Some of it, especially the use of pineapple juice, works for my hubby. However, when HE is eating those things, I do too, and my vaginal juice tastes the same. He loves it "as is", so I have no problem there, but we were wondering, is there anything one can eat that changes the flavor of a woman's secretions?
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Yes,. You can change the flavor of a woman by......?
Antipova , GonetoLovehoney , Beck , ColorMeCute , unfulfilled , Undead
No, Her "flavor" is determined by pH and other factors and cannot be changed.
Not sure, but want to find out.
aliceinthehole , Cherry21 , Lily Bee , Gracie , geliebt , Jake'n'bake , Shellz31 , zracer , Bignuf , PropertyOfPotter , cburger , potstickers , Stinkytofu10 , Stagger13 , prttynink , eeep
MrWishyWashy , PassionateLover2 , Silverdrop , ColorMeCute , Hallmar82
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
I read where eating strawberries can make a woman taste sweeter. But from a male's perseptive, nothing tastes better than a natural for me....just my humble opinion.
Contributor: Cherry21 Cherry21
I've heard pineapple juice can. Don't know if it really would though.
Contributor: Antipova Antipova
Anecdotal evidence (or, having repeat partners spaced a few years apart) suggest that either time, or becoming a vegetarian, makes it a little sweeter.

Don't know how helpful that is, but that's all I've got
Contributor: GonetoLovehoney GonetoLovehoney
I don't eat meat that often and stick to fruits/vegetables, tea, sweets or whole grains. I keep getting comments that I taste sweet down there, so diet is certainly a major factor in taste production. Try only eating/drinking fruits and tea before sexual contact and see if there's a difference?
Contributor: geliebt geliebt
I haven't heard anything concrete other than what's in this thread. My last partner did mention that he had heard sweets will change the taste for the better, though. No idea about that, but it's something.
Contributor: In Between Soliloquies In Between Soliloquies
Ditto on pineapple juice and kiwis.

Some things to stay away from to avoid unpleasant taste/smell include dairy products because of their high bacteria content, caffeine, and possibly very alkaline foods (research isn't 100%, but it's quite likely to be on point, it seems). Lots of water can help to "dilute" the vaginal fluids, so stay well-hydrated.

Use of things like medications and tobacco affect the acidity level of the vagina, and it also matters where you are in the menstrual cycle (closer to your period, it may taste more like iron).
Contributor: Jake'n'bake Jake'n'bake
I've heard that pineapple juice does it, too. I haven't tried it though.
Contributor: Cherrylane Cherrylane
I know in my guy pineapple juice worked extremely effectively and QUICKLY.

I don't necessarily think becoming a vegetarian or vegan would make you taste better, per se, but the elimination or limitation of types of foods can change the taste a lot. Tobacco, coffee, garlic, certain herbs can all change the way you taste dramatically, as well as things like meat. I don't think bacteria in milk would do much bad, personally. Or yogurt. There is a lot of good healthy bacteria in those things that more or less tend to "balance" people out more than anything.

Beyond that, just stay away from things that are particularly strong, bitter or acidic, minus citrus particular pineapple, which mellows out in the body to be incredibly sweet. Drink plenty of water.

I don't really think there's too much reason to think it would work any differently for men. We digest things the same. What we eat not only effects the smell and taste of our sex fluids, but of other body fluids/secretions, particularly our sweat. It can even generally change the way your skin tastes.

Sooo perhaps why you don't feel like you experience change is because you, for whatever reason, have a somewhat more balanced diet than your hubby. Different portion sizes, or food selection during times when you aren't eating together. it's also possible you process particular things things differently. Some people process certain meat proteins and carbs differently or more or less efficiently than others, so that could be the case with you. One thing I've found is that I tend to process some of the icky strong tasting things like coffee and whatnot better than my guy. I think it's because I generally drink more water and exercise more than he does. Things definitely effect body function in that way.
Contributor: PassionateLover2 PassionateLover2
It has been documented that a hearty vagina hovers between 3.8 to 4.5 (pH). Even black coffee (pH 5) or lick of lemon (pH 2) still has the same pH range as the vigina. The friendly bacteria that protects the vagina from becoming the perfect hostess to germs is lactobacilli, the same bacteria found in yogurt. When a woman's vaginal pH climbs, her secretions smell stronger. The yogurt spoils and the Chianti is corked.

The natural taste of a woman's vulva can range from slightly tangy to a slippery saltiness to even containing a hint of iron around the time of her menstrual cycle. Strong foods such as asparagus and garlic can influence the vulva's environment, and so can vitamins. Flavors and aromas secreted from an aroused woman's genitalia are so packed with chemicals and pheromones that they make a powerful biochemical aphrodisiac.

People who enjoy performing oral sex on women relish the sensual taste and musky bouquet, while others new to the game may be scared senseless. The vagaries of scent and taste depend on any number of factors, from where she is in her cycle to whether she's eaten garlic linguine or takes multvitamins. Your in for a chemistry lesson. It would be my opinion that the closest taste mirrors that of just plain yogurt.

One little know fact is that the human mouth is less hygienic that the vagina, and folks who are going down will want to do their own bit of washing up by rinsing your mouth with water or mouthwash. I say always respect the women's sensitive vagina by avoiding douching or the use of harsh soaps.

I love how every woman smells and tastes differently. Each pussy is like eating peaches on a really hot day!
Contributor: Silverdrop Silverdrop
I have absolutely no idea. I know my taste changes throughout the month, but I've never noticed a difference based on my diet.
Contributor: Beck Beck
Changing your diet should do the trick, unless the issue is bacteria or infection. If you eat greasy, fatty, salty, spicy, or strong foods than all the juices in your body will taste differently, but a diet of natural is suppose to do the trick, but this excluded onions and garlic, since these have strong tastes.

PassionateLover2 has a nice comment.
Contributor: PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
I honestly never even thought about something like this. My man likes the way I taste, so it's not a big deal to me, but it's interesting either way!
Contributor: averageguyextrodinarypleasure averageguyextrodinarypleasure
I keep hearing pineapple juice is suppose to help but I've never tried it
Contributor: Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
I would think changing your diet would change the way you taste.
Contributor: Hallmar82 Hallmar82
Very aromatic foods (garlic, onions, asparagus, etc) can affect someone's taste. Your exercise routine and the amount you sweat during the day can also affect your taste. I've noticed that my wife tastes the best during ovulation after avoiding a lot of processed food and, of course, taking a nice warm bath!
Contributor: unfulfilled unfulfilled
the healthier the diet is, the sweeter she can be. Avoid process foods and eat veggies and fruit.
Contributor: Illusional Illusional
Yeah, for Valentine's weekend I'm having salads and lots of smoothies, he likes the way I taste but I think he will enjoy it
Contributor: Undead Undead
Originally posted by Bignuf
There are lots of threads about how to make a guys sperm taste "different", "sweeter"...whatever. Eat fruit, avoid red meat and caffeine, etc. Some of it, especially the use of pineapple juice, works for my hubby. However, when HE ... more
What she eats and the types of medications or vitamins she is on can cause different tastes.