My tips for oral sex!

Contributor: Isis29 Isis29
So I will start this out by saying I'm a lesbian, and my favorite thing to do sexually is eat my partner out. My first partner after me and my husband seperated thoguh I was lying when I said I had only been with 2 women. But here is my secret. I use all my senses to feel out what she is liking, not liking, paying attention to how she moves, what sounds she is making, and if she is moving around move with her. These tips have always worked for me. I am a pleaser by nature though so I am bound and determined that my partner eperienes the most pleasure I can give to her.

What are your tips for pleaseing a lady or a guy to.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Engaging topic analysis of Oral sex enhancers:

Do your lips get numb?
I dont know if i'm weird or this is common,but when i give my husband head, the pre cum makes my lips feel numb? does this happen to anyone else?

Where do you like to cum?
Where is your favorite place to cum on her?

Strengthen Your Mouth, Tongue, and Blow Job Skills!
I've recently finished reading some pretty interesting oral sex books and completing some follow up research on how to brush up those blow job skills.

Oral sex while menstruating
Would you ever give HER oral sex while she is on her period.

How do you like oral sex?
How do you like your oral sex?
Contributor: Ansley Ansley
Thanks for this; I am not a lesbian and have played with a handful of women. For me? If I'm moving around and squirming that means you need to stay still. That's just me though.