Oral too good?

Contributor: tollhouse tollhouse
A couple years ago, I met a girl in college that I ended up playing with a few times. Now I am in my 30's and she was in her mid 20's. I have always been told I was good at giving oral by whomever I gave it to but this girl claimed that after I did my magic, she was no longer able to get herself off nor could anyone else. There were times she would call me up, begging me to come satisfy her. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: RonLee RonLee
I'd not heard that specific statement, however...
There was a girl I dated who was VERY pleased with my performance and even after her and I broke up, and she had another boyfriend she'd call me up late at night and ask if she could come over for sex. I heard through mutual friends that she had said to them on several different occasions that her BF of the moment just couldn't fuck her like RonLee could. She did not make a distinction, that I knew of anyway, between the various specific sex acts we engaged in, oral, vaginal or anal sex that she found me to be better at than her previous or subsequent lovers.
Contributor: konicaguy konicaguy
I've been told I'm the best! Not to brag or anything... lol
Contributor: Holly Wood Holly Wood
I've been called by exes, randomly, and my uh... "services" requested from time to time.

Except for this one guy (that could call and I'd leave ANYONE for), all the others I told to take a flying leap. Yes, I said all. There've been a few - it's kinda sad that they come running back for that when they're with someone else. TEACH THEM... if they can't be taught, they're the wrong partner!
Contributor: HappyInNJ HappyInNJ
I've been told I'm really good at it, but I would never say I'm the best.

Always something to learn and improve upon. That's why doing it again and again and again is so much fun.

Anyway to the original poster of this thread. I salute you! (closest smiley I could find to a salute.)
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
I had a partner that thought he was good at oral. I would ask for what I wanted & rarely ever got it. he just wasn't doing it for me no matter how much I tried to work w/ him w/o leaving feeling like a lousy lover.
Contributor: Rika Rika
I had this happened but it was the opposite. The guy wanted my hands/mouth and we never had intercourse.