What are the logistics of a surpirse morning BJ?

Contributor: Danielle1220 Danielle1220
Start by cuddling up to him so he's kind of waking up, then get started. Good luck!!
Contributor: Sera Sera
Originally posted by finniberry15
I've heard guys talk about how much they love being woken up with a BJ in the morning, and I want to do it for my man on his birthday...but I'm not exactly sure how to go about it!! Do I wake him up?? Just head down there while he's ... more
Maybe you should wake him with kisses first? He might not be in the mood for a blow job.
Contributor: fghjkl fghjkl
This is always fun for the both of us but if I can make one suggestion it would be to make sure he showers before going to bed. My man sweats a lot at night and the smell down there isn't the greatest for turning me on in the mornings lol
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Originally posted by P'Gell
Scott, I usually wake up with a Stiffy stuck into my back and a "Hey, ya wanna?" or says nothing. Or he heads South, while I'm not awake yet. Being a woman, I like to go pee, brush my teeth, wake up, take my morning meds and get a drink ... more
P'Gell - what you describe is exactly why after 21+ years I've never been able to do the SMC - ScottA mentioned. All those things you said combined with the fact that she never sleeps 'commando' just make it a no go.

Me on the other hand am always commando and ready to go - but it hasn't happened yet. If I don't initiate morning sex - it ain't happening.