What is your favorite position to give or receive oral?

Contributor: garychutchcouple garychutchcouple
Ours would have to be 69 but I know there are so many ways out there
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Helpful topic info on Oral sex enhancers:

getting head
What do you do while you are getting a blowjob?

let the cum drip out of your mouth
my husband loves when i swallow his cum after oral. he recently asked me to open my mouth slightly and let it drip back down his shaft. i was really

Who's your favorite "oral specialist" porn star?
Both in real life and in fantasy, there's very little that turns me on more than a woman with outstanding oral skills. Many of my all-time favorite...

Do you use oral as foreplay
I just about never cum nor does my girlfriend from oral. We always cut it short to have sex. Who else here uses it primarily for foreplay

Kissing after oral sex...
Do you kiss after oral sex?
Contributor: Rossie Rossie
I like to receive oral lying on my back, over a contoured pillow.
Contributor: tiniest bird tiniest bird
On my back, on a pillow. Kneeling can be fun, but I can't get off that way.
Contributor: CollegeFun2014 CollegeFun2014
I love giving and I'd have to say my favorite position is to have my partner sit on my face
Contributor: butts butts
I like having him lay down with me sitting between his legs, I love when he puts his legs over my shoulders.
Contributor: kmarsico kmarsico
deffinatly 69, however he isnt givingme oral he just uses his hand but its sooo fun!
Contributor: Trysexual Trysexual
Love her to sit on my face
Contributor: EastCoast36 EastCoast36
Generally the receiver is on his or her back with us. We do mix it up though. Sometimes I stand. When she receives, she will sometimes get on her knees with her head laying down or very rarely sit on my face. The variety is fun, but the best for both of us is probably laying on your back.
Contributor: garychutchcouple garychutchcouple
Originally posted by Rossie
I like to receive oral lying on my back, over a contoured pillow.
Im sensing a trend
Contributor: CaliGirl CaliGirl
I like him laying back, with me between his legs so every once in a while I can crawl up and kiss him.
Contributor: averageguyextrodinarypleasure averageguyextrodinarypleasure
I think its fun when she lays down on her back on the edge of the bed or couch (or whatever) and then I stand just over her head and she gives me a sort of upside down bj. Plus I like the idea of being able to slide in and out of her mouth at my control and I get to play with her breasts (and get a spectacular view) while she works on me