Women Who Don't Want To Kiss After Oral?

Contributor: alayamae alayamae
We kiss after
Contributor: Istanbull Istanbull
She won't let me neer her afterward, nor will she let me go down on her after I've been in her.
Contributor: lillmiss5054 lillmiss5054
We kiss after all the time. This is the first guy however that would kiss me after he came in my mouth.
Contributor: Chami Chami
We always kiss after its not like we like it or don't like it we just kiss a lot it has nothing to do with the oral we do it either way I love kissing
Contributor: Darklyvan Darklyvan
Originally posted by Hallmar82
For years, my wife refuses to kiss me after she gives me a blowjob, but she always loves to kiss ME after I give her oral. When I asked her about it, she said she just doesn't want to. I think it's odd that she's fine with us kissing ... more
I don't enjoy the taste of myself so no kissing after