Would you give oral or get oral... if you could only do one the rest of your life? :)

Contributor: Solar Ray Solar Ray
Ok... so theoretical question... you can only give or get oral the rest of your life... which would you choose?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Give... I love giving pleasure even more than receiving it.
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62  (53%)
Get... It just feels SO good that I'd never want to give up being on the receiving end.
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56  (47%)
Total votes: 118
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Engaging topic analysis of Oral sex enhancers:

Have you ever gotten oral from someone with a tongue stud? Was it "better, worse, no different" then getting oral from someone without that device?
In short, from a receiver end, was the tongue stud noticeable, and did it make your oral experience better, worse or what? I made this Private voting,

Do You Make Eye Contact During Oral?
After a bad experience as a teenager, I used to not be able to make eye contact (no they didn't shoot it in my eye lol) during oral. Now I enjoy doing...

What do you do with his BALLS....
lol...I feel weird asking this but during oral, or a hand job, do you do anything with his balls? If you are a male, please comment with what you...

Best clitoral vibrator for couples sex?
My husband and i are looking for a clitoral vibrator that we can use *while* having sex while he is on top. We were hoping we can find one that would.

Ladies - if your partner agreed to an MMF threesome, would you ask that he help you provide oral to the other guy?
i've been fantasizing about an MMF threesome a lot lately, and wonder if hubby would go down on the other man with me. Would you ask your partner to.
Contributor: sarahbear sarahbear
This is a really hard choice! I really enjoy getting oral from my husband, but it's a huge turn on to give him oral too.
Contributor: Yoda Yoda
That's a no brainer. No delusions here.
Contributor: BadassFatass BadassFatass
I'm SUCH a giver. I have to choose "give".
Contributor: Jobthingy Jobthingy
I am a giver. I really am.. but.. in this case, I had to go the selfish route.
Contributor: liilii080 liilii080
My partner loves to give and I love to receive. I'd be sad I couldn't reciprocate but if I HAD to pick, that's my vote!
Contributor: Choolz Choolz
I'm going to be selfish and say I choose to get it lol.
Contributor: MrRainybowbow MrRainybowbow
I gave so much that i think its my turn to be selfish so im going to say get ;p
Contributor: Dusk Dusk
I'm not a big fan of receiving oral, so I would definitely want to GIVE for the rest of my life
Contributor: Michelle Menace Michelle Menace
Hard choice.. I'm going to be selfish and just not choose at all
Contributor: Stephanie Marie Stephanie Marie
I would have to say Give it.
Contributor: Anntionette Anntionette
I'm not huge on getting it myself but I do *love* to give it.
Contributor: Envy Envy
I'd rather only give seeing as I don't get much out of getting it.
Contributor: PiratePrincess PiratePrincess
I love giving, but I only like receiving on occasion, so i would give.
Contributor: leatherlover leatherlover
It was a hard choice, but my wife loves my oral.
Contributor: CantankerousUnagi CantankerousUnagi
Give! I love going down on my lady.
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
I have to go for giving cause I aim to totally pleasure a partner. I can be pleasured in other ways.
Contributor: Solar Ray Solar Ray
Nice to see an equal number of givers and getters.
Contributor: mama2007 mama2007
Originally posted by Solar Ray
Ok... so theoretical question... you can only give or get oral the rest of your life... which would you choose?
i enjoy giving most of the time while receiving not oral 1/2 the time but in other ways, so ill say giving lol
Contributor: girl next door girl next door
I would go with receiving because I gave head once and it triggered me to have an asthma attack. So I do not plan on repeating that scariness.
Contributor: LavenderSkies LavenderSkies
Contributor: KaraSutra KaraSutra
Depends on if the person who's giving knows my body and what I like and therefore would be good at pleasing me. If not, I'd be just as happy to give.
Contributor: phunkyphreak phunkyphreak
I would much rather give it then receive it
Contributor: Redman88 Redman88
I'd give. I love giving. I could just get my rocks off some other way!
Contributor: Joie de Cherresse Joie de Cherresse
I'm a giver...
Contributor: P'Gell P'Gell
I can't decide.

My Man loves getting a blow job, or just a warm up from oral. I NEED it, as I probably won't have an orgasm without it, but he can come many other ways. Still, I wouldn't deny him this as it is pleasurable for both of us. If I have recently had an orgasm, I'll have an other just from giving him head. He loves to go down on me, don't think he's ever come from it, though, unless we were 69. For me, it's the best feeling in the world. I need my Wahl to come, but getting some oral sex feels better. Does that make any sense to anyone? OTHO, he has said he likes going down on me more than anything. We're such oral sluts. Both of us.

No, I can't decide. BOTH!
Contributor: Happy Camper Happy Camper
My partner loves blowjobs. And I don't always love giving them but occasionally I get the craving for his cock in my mouth. And I do love making him happy.

Cunnilingus is something that's nice for me, but honestly I'd rather get fingered or fucked. Oral being performed on me is enjoyable in the sense that it provides variety and he's fucking good at it, but I'd really rather have penetration.

So I voted give.
Contributor: allehcat allehcat
My guy loves them too much for me to never do it again. I end up going down probably 5-6 times a week.

However, he doesn't go down on me. So basically, if I stopped giving them, I still wouldn't get them anyway. Might as well stick with what I've got!
Contributor: Antipova Antipova
I'm almost always craving his cock down my throat.

And, despite lots of trials across several years and many partners, I have never learned to have an oral orgasm myself. So this question's a no-brainer.