Best buttplug?

Best buttplug?

Jammin14580 Jammin14580 12/03/2011

Interested in purchasing a butt plug. Got any experience with these?

Invited: Reviewers of the products compared.

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Jammin14580 Jammin14580
Which of these is best? (staying in, thrusting, sensations - overall)
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Icicles No. 14
ToyTimeTim , felicitous fairy , Kindred
3  (33%)
Moon shine
Beck , ~LaUr3n~ , Brian , Airen Wolf , KinkyKrissy , jroho
6  (67%)
Kayden's frosted ice silicone P-spot plug
Art deco butt plug
Total votes: 9
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Beck Beck
Moonshine is nice, but I do find it a little to big for me. But if you have experience go for it, even if it is the small one, it still is a hard material making no room for muscle spasms, so it could not work well for you. If you are just starting out with them, I would go with Silicone one first then move to glass. Hope this helps

I might add that moonshine is the only one I have of these.
felicitous fairy felicitous fairy
I only own the Icicles No. 14 and it is a large butt plug that isn't recommended for beginners. I love the smooth glass and the loop on the handle makes it easier to maintain control of the plug or easier to remove even when slippery with lube. I would work up to using this one though. The size is an issue. I started with a graduated silicone one and then moved to this one. I also warm up to it with the graduated one during sessions.

So far I love this one though. I recently purchased Icicles No. 13 as well but haven't received it yet. It's a bit smaller and may be better for beginners.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Originally posted by Jammin14580
Which of these is best? (staying in, thrusting, sensations - overall)
Moonshine is the only one on the list I have used but I would suggest the Joe Rock if you are new to the whole thing cause glass feels large and unforgiving!
KinkyKrissy KinkyKrissy
I voted for the Moonshine because I love it, but it is the only one I have so far. What experience if any do you have with plugs? That might help in making your decision
ScottA ScottA
The first question to ask is what do you want it for. I wouldn't get the Art Deco because of materials, but the other three have different purposes.

I've only used the Icicles #14, and it's a good plug for active play and prostate stimulation, but the handle gets in the way if you try to sit down.

I don't have the Moon Shine, but I have the very similar Sexy Spades Small, and it slides in easily and is comfortable, but doesn't have as much prostate stimulation. The large has much more prostate stim, but is a lot of plug. The medium is probably somewhere in-between.

Don't know about the Frosted P-spot. I do have the Severin Medium and it gives good stimulation.
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