Funny stories

Funny stories

Erachten Erachten
Post any of your funny stories here, only rule is they can't be made up. If this topic is already started somewhere else, please shut me up and point me in the right direction

To start off, when me and my wife first started dating, we were over her brothers and him and his girlfriend were going to headout to get something. So we said we'll just wait there for them. They leave and we wait a minute and then we start making out, hands up her shirt, her on her back making out. A minute or two goes by and all of a sudden we hear the wind chimes on his back door make the loud pings that they make whenever someone hits them. We shot up into tv watching position, adjusting ourselves at the speed of light, and in walks her brother completely oblivious "Uhg, forgot money" grabs money and then leaves. Had no idea. We just looked at each other and started laughing. We still say thank God for wind chimes and start laughing.
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Jen&Clint Jen&Clint
Me and my now hubby, when we were dating I spent a lot of time at his house He lived with his uncle. That was good cause he worked first and both of us worked third. Well one day like many of our days we were on the couch getting into the mix and he hears a knock on the door...He ignores it. About 5 mins later a knock again by this point we're in the middle of what we were doing....So he stops and gets dressed and answers the door, it's his little brother asking if he would loan him some money??? Then he decides to ask were you busy?? Do you have a girl over?? Can you give me a ride home?? Now what got me was the fact that he was told yes I do have someone over and yes I was busy getting some....Why after hearing that would anyone then ask well can you give me a ride home??

After that when he would just pop by he would just leave if no one answered the door. I like threads like this just about everyone has something funny to say. On our first date the then BF ( now hubby ) asked if I wanted to do anything that night?? HAHA shy now not so much.
Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
I've said this before, but I'll say it again: I sneezed in a girlfriend's snatch once. Oh dear.
Dragon Dragon
There is a time an place for introducing dildo's to children, but...

I recently reviewed this lime green monster. I had it stored in it's large, clear plastic tube, but because it's so large I had stuck it on a shelf under my desk after writing the review. I just haven't figured out where it will go for the longer term yet.

The internet died this weekend, and the teenage daughter sat around and pouted for a bit. Then she went on a mission to fix the internet. It wasn't till I realized that she was laying on the floor under the desk trying to restart the router that I realized what she "probably" had full view of!

I decided it was a great time to remove the recycling and toy!
LilLostLenore LilLostLenore
one time me and my bf were going at it on the bedroom floor next to one of the dressers....well i started to orgasm and lifted my head (he was on top of me) and smacked my eye rights into an open dresser drawer. I got a black eye and every where i went people asked what happened to your eye. so i just told them i ran into something. lol.
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