How feels pussysex ?

How feels pussysex ?

I am a courious woman who wants to know what you feel when you have vaginalsex without a condom
I asked my boyfriend but I wanna know more about it and more about what other men feel

Please answer my questions if u want to

How does it feel when u insert your cock ?
a) It feels wet
b) it feels dry
c) It feels intensive
d) It feels tight

What do you feel when u inserted ur cock?
a) It's tight
b) It's wet

What do you feel during vaginalsex?

a) Feels like masturbation but I don't need my hand to do it
b) Feels so intensive that I have to scream , moan
c) my cock , legs are shakin
d) Feels good
e ) Feels like a wet tongue around your cock
f) Feels like a tongue around your cock

What do you like ...?

a) Two girls to suck your cock
b) Two girls for pussysex
c) Two girls for analsex

If you wanna answer my questions just write the letter of your answer behind the Question number
For example :

Question 1 . a)
Question 2. c)

You can choose two answers per Question !

Thank you
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