Is age really just a number

Is age really just a number

Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
have you ever had sex with someone much much younger then you? What about much much older? How far was the age difference?
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indiglo indiglo
I'm not sure exactly what you would classify as "much much older", since that definition varies from person to person. BUT... my partner is 14 years older than me. We have a fulfilling sex life, communicate well, don't have any issues with a generation gap, are really happy together, and solve problems together well. No age related issues here. I have had to deal with some judgment from judgmental people, but the people we know and are close to do not judge us.

There are lots of other members here with similar stories and similar age differences. Some have far greater age differences.
Annemarie Annemarie
My significant other (male) is 18 years older than I (female) am. We don't engage in "daddy/daughter" play, because, that's kind of weird and creepy (no judgement to those that do it). So far, our sex life has been pretty good. I understand the limitations of his age and what the future brings regarding that. Most of the time, though, we kind of just forget that we're so far apart in age until one of us mentions something that is an indicator of our age. For example, I remember once, he was telling me a story from his past. He said, "In [some year], when I was [some age]..." and I interjected, "I was still a toddler back then!"

We've gotten some flack for our difference in age, from both sides of the family, though nothing major. Mostly questions. He's not much younger (~5 years) than one of my parents, and I'm not much older than one of his children (again, ~5 years).
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I'm 11 years older than my wife. We're very compatible and happy together. However I have to be honest and say that my ability to perform sexually is a lot less than it use to be.

If my wife had a high sex drive, I would have a hard time delivering. As it is, she's got a fairly low sex drive - I still initiate our sexual activity 98% of the time. Toys, Cialis and cock-rings are all useful aides for me.

The moral of the story is that if your male partner is a lot older than you - you will be dealing with his diminished abilities at a time when your sex drive may be peaking in your 30s and 40s.
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