Oral dilemma!!!

Contributor: Nympho88 Nympho88
my bf is not very good at oral at all! I know poor me Well my question is how can I bring this up to him without sounding harsh??? I tried but stopped myself because I dont want to make him feel bad..... Help its terrible!
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Pete's Princess Pete's Princess
First off, you need to find a way to tell him. It would be more hurtful to let him go on thinking you like what he is doing when you don't. Eventually it will come out so why bother wasting both of your time on something that isn't working? To find out months later that you have been turning off your partner rather than turning them on is far more hurtful than some loving advice and honesty.

He is doing it to please you so be encouraging and making suggestions would work best. If there is something he does that is good or at least acceptable ask him to do it more.

His last gf may have liked whatever he is doing, so he thinks that works for everyone. Or perhaps he just doesn't have any experience. There are books on the subject if he would be receptive to that.

If he is super sensitive to constructive advice, then you can get a book on sex that includes oral. Say, I got this book and thought we could try some new things. That way you can help him with his skills and find some other fun things to do together.
Contributor: epiphanyjayne epiphanyjayne
That's a tough one! so For me I will get specific during the act and say stuff like " not so much pressure I'm too sensitive at first" and then when I want more pressure I say "yeah press that tongue harder".
Now I could go on but I'll stop with those just for you to get an idea. That's what I do, I suggest moves while he's going at it making sure I get what I want, and he'll eventually get what you want.
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
how about getting a book for both of you so he sees you interest in both of you becoming more skilled at oral. I think if you show him you're wanting to do it too, he won't feel bad. this is a non-threatening finger-pointing way for both of you to learn what pleases each other. if you don't communicate about your sexual needs, how will he know how to please you?
Contributor: Nympho88 Nympho88
All very good advice! I think the book idea just might work!!