Sex Toy Advocacy Organizations - What would you join?

Sex Toy Advocacy Organizations - What would you join?

B8trDude B8trDude
I keep laughing about the "American Pumpers Association" a mysterious group that Cal Exotics claims endorses some of their penis pumps. Not believing that this was a real organization, I thought I'd ask Al Bloom, the Director of Marketing at California Exotic Novelties, about it while he was being interviewed here on Edenfantasys. I really didn't think he would answer but he did - his response is listed here.

As Bloom claims that this is a real organization, it would be fun to find out what other toys need to have their own advocacy groups. What group(s) would you want to join? What would that group do? According to Bloom, the American Pumpers Association tests penis pumps and provides feedback on them to Cal Exotics. He also stated that he attended one of their meetings (hmmm. . .) what kind of things would YOUR sex toy advocacy organization do?

What sex toy group(s) would you like to see started?
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B8trDude B8trDude
For starters, I'd like to see:

The American Coalition of Master Masturbators

or, how about the

International Fraternal Brotherhood of Penis Maturbators?
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