Showering before Oral Sex?

Contributor: IslandGoddess IslandGoddess
This is a Question for both Men and Women. Do you prefer to shower before oral sex, or do you prefer you partner to shower. I know some people dont really care while other are very "fresh" and feel more comfortable after getting out of the shower
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
I feel more comfortable showering before Oral Sex
My partner prefers if i shower before Oral Sex
I prefer if my partner showers before Oral Sex
It doesnt matter to me
I think showering takes away all the "flavor" from my partner
I Dont like my partner to shower before oral,i like the "raw" taste instead of the "fresh" taste
Other (explain)
Total votes: 74 (50 voters)
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Contributor: MeliPixie MeliPixie
I do enjoy the way he tastes fresh from the shower (provided he got all the soap off!) but as long as he's not gotten too gross over the day I don't mind if we skip the shower till after
Contributor: The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
It doesn't matter to me if my fiancee and I have showered before or not. I enjoy it any and every way.
Contributor: Rossie Rossie
Gotta be clean - especially before oral!!!
Contributor: mizzmilla mizzmilla
I agree. Gotta be clean
Contributor: BeautifulDarkness BeautifulDarkness
I like it clean and I prefer to be clean.
Contributor: AngelvMaynard AngelvMaynard
Clean is always better! But I can't say that every time we have oral we jump in the shower first. Freshly showered is preferred but not always required, hows that?
Contributor: IslandGoddess IslandGoddess
Originally posted by AngelvMaynard
Clean is always better! But I can't say that every time we have oral we jump in the shower first. Freshly showered is preferred but not always required, hows that?
Wow you couldnt have said it any better!
Contributor: tickle me pink tickle me pink
Originally posted by AngelvMaynard
Clean is always better! But I can't say that every time we have oral we jump in the shower first. Freshly showered is preferred but not always required, hows that?
Well said! That's pretty much how we do things too.
Contributor: Waterfall Waterfall
I like to shower before hand because it makes me feel more comfortable. It doesn't necessarily have to be right before, but if most of the day has already gone by then that is too long.
Contributor: KrazyKandy KrazyKandy
I feel better if we are both clean but in the moment I wont be like take a shower or else I wont do it.
Contributor: anonomous anonomous
Showers are a must!
Contributor: Annemarie Annemarie
My partner requires it of me to shower before oral. Me? As long as he's not stanky, I'm fine. (He's never stanky... he showers at least twice a day.)
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
I prefer to shower before oral. I just feel more relaxed.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
My partner prefers to shower - but when it's not practical she'll use a wet-wipe. I'd rather she didn't because I do like the natural taste to preceded the sweet nectar that begins to flow after a few licks.
Contributor: LostBoy988 LostBoy988
It really varies from situation to situation but most of the time there usually isnt a place to shower
Contributor: Liz2 Liz2
I enjoy the overall, fresh clean smell after a shower. But lack of a shower would not be "No" for oral for either of us.
Contributor: ParisLove ParisLove
Yes most of the time we shower
Contributor: jg19 jg19
I like to shower before just so i dont have to worry about turning my wife off if i happen to be stinky down under. But i dont demand or worry about her showering although i have skipped going down on her if she peed just before she came to bed once. Couldnt get the image of me ingesting urine out of my head so i passed.
Contributor: Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
Showering is a good idea before, but it doesn't really matter to me.
Contributor: FaerieLove FaerieLove
Being clean is a must for me. I do prefer my man freshly showered
Contributor: Ash1141 Ash1141
I prefer to shower before having my man go down. It just makes me much more comfortable. As for him, it depends on what he's been doing. If he was just sitting at his office job all day, then he doesn't need to. If he was working out and mowing the yard, then yes, he needs to shower before I go down.
Contributor: bayosgirl bayosgirl
I have to wash the area if not a full shower.
Contributor: Peggi Peggi
I prefer to shower before oral sex, but it depends on the day as to whether I'd prefer he shower. If he's been sweating and stuff all day or it's been a full day (24 hours or more) since his last shower, I'd prefer it, but I don't mind.
Contributor: LAndJ LAndJ
My partner always washes his penis with his men's body wash, he sometimes still smells and tastes like body wash when he gets out. He's better without the shower first most of the time.
Contributor: averageguyextrodinarypleasure averageguyextrodinarypleasure
Sometimes you get kinda a soapy taste after getting out of the shower but nothing ever enough to stop me from having fun.
Contributor: Derekkk Derekkk
Yeah you need to always clean before. If not dont expect a blowie from me
Contributor: SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
We both prefer each other to be clean, a shower is not a requirement but it makes it better.
Contributor: hillys hillys
it's nice to be clean but like if you shower daily then you should be clean enough. too much work to plan showers just because of activitys