Do you have experience with the U Spot?

Do you have experience with the U Spot?

Bubba29 Bubba29
I thought I knew about all the pleasure spots on a woman till I recently read about the U Spot. It is essentially the woman's urethra and the small area around it. I love to give oral to my wife and have years of experience with the "c spot" and "g spot". Been around those blocks many times with much success.

After reading about the "u spot" recently, I thought I'd give it a try. Started as usual by licking and kissing around till I settled on the usual spot on her clit that seems to be most sensitive. After a bit of this, I lightly felt around with a finger till I felt what I suspect was her u spot. There I started to rub around that area gently. Her reaction was not wild but a bit different. She told me how good it felt where as she typically does not say anything....just usually some moans. So I kept doing what I was doing.

She progressed to an orgasm that she described as different and much more powerful. When she was done cumming, she asked me where I learned that new trick. She obviously noticed while I was doing it but did not not want to kill it by asking while I was doing. I simply told her I had been doing some reading to which she replied she really didn't care where I learned new, effective things, just keep doing it with her.

Here are a few links to info on this technique:

So I have talked enough, any of you have experience with the U Spot?
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AmethystSmoke AmethystSmoke
For me, U-Spot stimulation with a finger is too intense and makes me overly sensitive fairly quickly. When stimulated with a tongue it's pleasurable but I've yet to reach orgasm this way. But, I seldom orgasm from oral alone.
ToyGeek ToyGeek
That's part of what makes the Sasi so effective for me.
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