If you keep using big toys, it'll make you loose...

Contributor: MidnightStorm MidnightStorm
A lot of people I know have always told me that using larger toys vaginally will ultimately make me overly loose... Likewise, I've heard that porn stars or people who frequently have anal sex eventually become so "loose" anally that they lose control of their anal muscles. I've heard from a few gay men that this isn't true, but no one has ever really proven it to me. I've also never had someone whose opinion I really trust speak up and answer the question... So what about your experiences? Have you used larger toys vaginally (or any toy anally) and experienced a change in tightness? How long have you used those toys? I'm especially interested in hearing from size queens (both men and women) who have been at it for a while.

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Contributor: indiglo indiglo
Your instincts are spot on with this one!

Vaginas aren't actually big, open tubes in our bodies, but rather are "potential space". When not in use, and when the woman is not aroused they are all small and more or less closed up (or "relaxed"). And since the vagina is so muscular, you actually make it stronger by using it regularly - just like a body builder lifts weight regularly to make all their muscles stronger, a vagina that is put to regular use (sex, masturbation, kegel exercises, etc.) will be stronger than one out of use. Stronger muscles mean more muscle control, a "tighter" feeling, and often stronger orgasms for her.

Vaginas are so resilient that even having a baby won't "stretch it out" or "make it loose".

For more info on the topic, here are a couple of articles from The Kinsey Institute:

Vaginal Size, Cheating & Arousal

Vaginal Size & Stretching From A Large Penis
Contributor: JinxPinx JinxPinx
I would think only temporarily
If a vagina can go back to close to what it was after childbirth, I think it can handle a larger than average toy