G spot stim with a sling or wedge?

Contributor: Polyserena Polyserena
I really like G spot stimulation and have heard it can be bettered during sex with the use of sex furniture. I have to be a bit careful in some positions because of bumping on my cervix. At one stage I got my legs up pretty high without the use of a sex sling- I think my partner was pushing them up, and I can remember really liking the stimulation but it got a bit tiring. I tried lifting my own legs up a little way in missionary the other day-ouch! I don't know why it would have happened that way. This makes me wary of buying a sling because I have no idea if it would be painful or work like a dream. Any perspectives on this situation from anyone with experience with a sling would be great.

Pretty sure I'd like to get a wedge shaped piece of furniture one day too for G spot stimulation. Have there been any cervix bumping problems with these?

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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Insightful breakdown of G-spot:

How easy is the Gigi- G Spot Vibrators to use during sex?

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The B2B G Spot - Does it Give you the OMG feeling?

Anyone else notice that the Share is amazing fro g spotting?!
My partner and I finally tried our new share last night. OMG! I have never had my g spot targeted in that way before. It is firm but not aggravating..

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Honest...I get TINGLY TEETH for about 30 minutes. Likely due to blood flow changes. Anyone else get that...or some other odd sensations?
Contributor: Saraid Saraid
Well, I am ordering my wedge soon, but since I don't have it I can't talk about cervix bumping. However, have you tried a modified missionary position like this? link

I really like that one. Also, you could try this one that I like for g-stim: link

Hopefully someone can answer your question about furniture, but I thought I would at least give you a couple of more relaxing (i.e. not so much stress on your legs) positions for g-stim.

Good luck!
Contributor: Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
I have less problems with cervix bumping when I use the Liberator Wedge. It seems as if, somehow, the support it gives my pelvis and belly keep me in a position where g-spot stimulation is easy but I'm not tilted in a way that allows for super depth, hence less cervix slamming.
Contributor: ~miss.heather~ ~miss.heather~
I really love my Sex Sling it gets my legs up in missionary style without him having to hold my legs up and lets him concentrate on me without getting tired of holding my legs up. He hits my G Spot every time we use this. But I also am saving my pennies for the liberator wedge combo too!!
Contributor: Polyserena Polyserena
Thank you for your replies so far, they've been great. I'm very happy to know that the Wedge makes for less problems Carrie Ann .
Contributor: removedacnt removedacnt
We have the wedge and it does help with that a lot. Actually it helps with many things position wise. My husband is the one who wanted to get it and I thought it was expensive. But now I'm glad we have it.
Contributor: Summersong Summersong
The sex sling is SO on my wishlsit!
Contributor: Pegaholics Pegaholics
I'm going to have to get a wedge. It sounds good for lots of things.