As a male do you ever feel negative about your desires for anal? I’ve felt some negative bias from a number of people throughout my life in regards to a heterosexual male taking it deep in the ass.

Contributor: AbbyLover AbbyLover
I personally have had a lot of internalized shame and judgment because of growing up around people who where homophobic. I felt the shame that a gay man would feel. I personally didn’t like the idea of sex with a man. But I wanted to explore and experience the sensations of anal. I was obsessed with heterosexual anal porn. Gay porn made me feel uncomfortable. Pegging was not as common back then. If you did find porn with pegging it was most always a humiliation style BDSM style. I had internalized the questions deep inside my subconscious if I like anal I must be gay. But I only felt interested in girls ever since I can remember.
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Contributor: dylanlover dylanlover
I love the taboo of anal and I have no shame!
Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
Many years ago I did. When we started pegging and I discovered she enjoyed doing it I don't.
Contributor: SoloRebel SoloRebel
Originally posted by dylanlover
I love the taboo of anal and I have no shame!
Contributor: Mr2 Mr2
I grew up in similar conditions, but those people are hypocrites.
They tell you not only about gay sex, but also about straight sex.
Like, oral sex makes you into untouchable scum.
You eat her, she sucks you - and you, the guy, become scum.

How silly can it get?

I never wanted anal, but I fantasized about oral with a woman who had a cock.
Back then Tgirls weren't that common, and I dreamed about sucking her dick for some reason. Never felt shame, just made sure never to speak about it.

As I grew up, I've never met a transgirl, but I decided to try anal with dildos just on a whim after breaking up with my ex.
And once I tried, I kept doing it to myself, but never feeling shame.
It feels good, and no one has to know about it, except me.
All I worried about was how to find the time)))
Contributor: Mrset420 Mrset420
Years ago my ex-wife would sometimes use a vibrator on me. I really enjoyed it intensified my orgasms. I was embarrassed by it. When I got older I noticed it was getting more acceptable by couples and straight men. So now I don't feel embarrassed or ashamed of anal play
Contributor: Christop Christop
At 9-10 years old i had constipation so severe i had to perform impaction removal myself. After feeling the prostate stimulation i regularly incorporated it into masterbation. It has been a source of shame and questioning myself ever since then. I'm 54 now and i know in not homosexual because the thought of, or seeing gay porn does nothing for me. I have been trying to find a woman who likes pegging to no avail. My ex wife agreed to try it, then after she berated and humiliated me so severe it shook me to the core. I masterbate to solo female, (pegging, favorite being non bdsm femdom) and transexual mainly. I know by definition any thing you do with a woman is not gay. Still trying to figure out the tranny porn as sucking dick is not appealing but getting fucked hard by a beautiful woman with a dick gets me rock hard every time.
Contributor: Raiders661 Raiders661
As a man that has been raped at a young age and incarcerated for most of his life, satisfying one need other than masturbation was explorative... It wasn't until I experienced Chris told me that as a desire came more and more. I do feel shameful because I have carried a personal Stylo of being a hard ass... Because of prison, have been destroyed mentally, emotionally, and traumatized... Never raped in there. But I was raped by a sibling over the age of 16 while I was 8 at least over 30 times... So at least I went to prison and started exploring that sensation. I enjoyed it. Now I'm exploring it even more out here with real toys instead of foreign objects...
Contributor: Alone with No title Alone with No title
Originally posted by Raiders661
As a man that has been raped at a young age and incarcerated for most of his life, satisfying one need other than masturbation was explorative... It wasn't until I experienced Chris told me that as a desire came more and more. I do feel shameful ... more
I to have followed this exact path in life, with a much closer age gap, between my brother, but rape is a word that can't classify what was. He is gay, and I am not; it was a taught emotion that I blocked from my life until I got older and lost some of the built anger that I tortured myself with. And now I have reached my 40's and haven't had an orgasm with a partner in my past 10 or 12 attempts; there hard to keep up with when you have to finish alone. I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't hide your nature from the world when looking for a partner. Because and orgasm is really just a term when you are still alone ordering sex toys.
Contributor: Tuggie Tuggie
I did at first but once you mature you realize who cares. It's our g spot. Doesn't mean you're gay it just means everybody else who is ashamed is missing out. Also if you're gay that's cool too. One of my ex-girlfriends used to play with my ass and blow at the same time there's no feeling like it in the world.
Contributor: NotIt288 NotIt288
I don’t think there should be anything shameful about it at all! There are so many nerve endings and pleasure points in that area, who wouldn’t want it played with?! My wife has fingered my ass while she rode on top of me or done it while giving me a BJ. You’d be hard pressed to find a better feeling than orgasming while your prostate is getting rubbed. I’m dying to have my wife peg me, but still apprehensive to ask, but not ashamed. We’ve been together 10 years and done pretty much everything 2 people can do together, besides that (although she has used a dildo on me, just not wearing it) All of this has been brought up around our friends and some have their negativity towards it, but to each their own…do what makes you happy and feels good!
Contributor: BigB BigB
So within the past couple years, I have finally put 2 and 2 together that I am bi. I have toys I enjoy playing with, I enjoy gay porn, trans...As was said above, not everyone needs to know what turns you on. And if people don't like it, that is their right. I fantasize all the time about anal, 69, rimming, being rimmed...I get REALLY hard imagine a guy cumming deep inside me, me, my ass made him moan and cum....
Contributor: Wikidzdick69 Wikidzdick69
Um no well the first time I didn't like it but that's a different story an so was the next 5 days but I learned to love it n I do love it I only tell certain people like if imma bout to fuck a freak imma tell her I like but stuff or my friends that asked me to do his wife I'm like ya an u can do me n he lit up n he's 250 bout 5'10 but he was 5 inch an his wife was all if u do shower cuz I wanna suck it still so I didn't get it but wel blew each other n used toys it's a gspot for men if u stick a finger in Ur but as u bust the best feeling the first time I made my self moan ??