How do you have a p-spot orgasm?

Contributor: socceras socceras
Is it deep inside you? Is it better?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: csweatc csweatc
Originally posted by socceras
Is it deep inside you? Is it better?
Getting there can be tough. It took me well over a year of consistent trying and experimentation with a few Aneros prostate massagers to make it happen. At first it was frustrating because I was so focused on something happening, and it's quite difficult to get beyond traditional penis based orgasms. So, the first things that happened were feelings of great pleasure resulting from prostate stimulation while I was masturbating. This lead to a more developed sense of where my prostate was, and how it felt to be stimulated. Later I was able to ficus solely on my prostate being stimulated and allow those feelings of pleasure to take over. Again, it is a completely separate experience from regular stimulation of the penis, and it really doesn't feel anything like a normal orgasm. A p-spot orgasm for me can last for many minutes. I will usually have several over the course of an hour or so, and I will feel intense pleasure in between. It is an altogether sublime experience.

Sooo, to answer the first part of your question, no, it is not actually that deep inside you, though everyone has slightly different anatomical geometry. I would say the average is about 3" inside. The best way to get at it, as far as my experience goes, is to get your hands on an Aneros prostate massager. These are well designed plugs that are designed for hands free stimulation of the p-spot. They have a forum at link where users congregate and discuss how to achieve success, and this can be a helpful place to go if you really want to make things happen. They can get a little bit ridiculous and philosophical there, but there are certainly plenty of good forum threads there that speak to various techniques and approaches.

Is it better? Well...Hell yes! P-spot orgasms are a life changing experience. Every time I have a session and have P-spot orgasms I think to myself at some point...I just can not believe how good I feel right now...I can't believe how much pleasure I'm having...this is insane, and it can go on for over an yeah, it's waaaaaay better. I like to have a traditional orgasm to finish a session, and when I do that the intensity of it is completely off the charts.