Looking for advice for picking a toy for newbie

Looking for advice for picking a toy for newbie

siraxes siraxes

I've recently become curious/intrigued about prostate stimulation. So I'm trying to find an appropriate toy for exploring this kind of play. I guess that there are frequently questions asking for advice about suggesting one toy or another, so please bear with me

First of all, the toy should have a gentle material and relatively small/medium size (I'm a short person).

I'm not sure whether it's better to choose between vibrating and non-vibrating. I lean towards vibrating , but on the other hand I want a toy that would be usable in the shower. And it would be nice if it would "stay in place" after being inserted.

I've been looking at the Lelo Hugo (the remote seems to be a nice feature) but it's too expensive for a 'first toy' , especially when thinking that i'm just beginning to experiment so not sure what exactly would i enjoy .

For non-vibrating options it could be some Aneros helix/sgx, or perhaps Lelo bob.

So what would you suggest for me to pick ?

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