Views on squirting?

Contributor: Asher Asher
Have you ever squirted? Do you think it is sexy? Has your partner ever squirted? Thoughts?

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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Perceptive forum discussions on Squirting Dildo:

Is it healthy to squirt?
Is it healthy for a woman to squirt?

Is there a particular vitamin I can take to increase squirting?
when I was younger I used to squirt a lot..... but now that im older I don't really squirt......... this annoys me.....I was wondering if any1 knew if

Best toy for squirting orgasms??
My GF just recently started having squirting orgasms. I am thrilled!! We have a Zini Ran, a Hitachi Wand, a Vibratex Mystic, and a Couture...

squirting or wetting the bed?
what does a squirting orgasm feel like? it takes me a LONG time to get to the orgasm levels and i think i have only had a hand full of internal ones..

Squirting dildo, hit or miss
Something that should be a fun toy seems to always get bad reviews on every site and every single different version of it. Here's one of them:...
Contributor: Cat E. Cat E.
I've never squirted and have no desire to.
Contributor: Happenstance Happenstance
I've never squirted, but it's an experience I would like to have.
Contributor: js250 js250
I have always squirted and was embarrassed about it until I got together with my hubby. I realized it was a normal thing and it really turned him on......
Contributor: charletnarouh charletnarouh
I've been with girls who squirted and I think it's extremely hot. I'm turned on by girls who can and also wish I could do it myself sometimes. I've been with and heard of a few girls who were embarrassed about it which I think is really sad.
Contributor: LoooveMonkey LoooveMonkey
When I had my first orgasm ever I squirted. I used to squirt every single time back then. I thought something was wrong with me, so I made myself stop and now it's hard for me to get there, but I can still do it. Just takes longer and I have to be meaning to. It feels really good, but I dunno what I think of it.
Contributor: Live-love-laugh Live-love-laugh
I've squirted before, but I've never been with someone who has. The thought of it is a turn for me though.
Contributor: *Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
I squirt with almost every orgasm. I love it, I am embarrassed by it when I get with a new partner so I try holding it back. Luckily I have found a partner who is in love with the fact that I can squirt an soak the whole bed.
Contributor: FrustratedFemme FrustratedFemme
I squirt a lot, and sometimes I'm embarrassed by it. My girlfriend likes it, but I'm still insecure.
Contributor: Bittenflame Bittenflame
both of my partners have squirted. It's extremely hot
Contributor: KinkyNicki92 KinkyNicki92
I never have . I think my guy would love it and i think its hot
Contributor: unoriginalgirlyid unoriginalgirlyid
I have and do most of the time and my partner loves it.
Contributor: sillylilkitten sillylilkitten
I've never squirted and I think it's really gross, but I'm also kind of curious to see what it feels like. I'd probably get freaked out if I girl I was with squirted on/near me though.
Contributor: doowop doowop
I squirt myself, and I've dated women who did and a few who didn't. I think it's hot, but I personally try not to sometimes cuz clean-up can be a pain.
Contributor: katat katat
I've squirted before and made a partner do it too. I don't mind at all. Just try to plan ahead of time so the bed doesn't get very wet
Contributor: DaniDeee DaniDeee
I have not but my partner often does. She gets embarrassed but I like that she does it, I know it feels very good for her.
Contributor: skippywashere skippywashere
I've never squirted, but I really want to. My girlfriend wants it to happen to me.
Contributor: 19WolfMan51 19WolfMan51
My Wife Squirts Sometimes. If She Hot Its Easer. I Love It(I Eat Her Dry)It's Great!
Contributor: QueerFemmeinist QueerFemmeinist
Yes, I squirt with the right depth/speed/angle of thrusting. I didn't realize my body could do this until this year.
Contributor: Vagiscrumptious Vagiscrumptious
I taught my wife how to squirt! She had never even heard of it and didnt believe me when I first brought it up but she was intrigued. I had only done it a few times with the right toy on my own too so in some ways we learned together. But uh, since I had the experience and had spent a long time trying on my own, I got to guide her and that was very, very hot. There's nothing quite like squirting, for both of us at least its not something that happens every time or anything but when it does its so intense, total body, writhing all over the bed kind of experience. That is insanely hot to watch and to be able to do to a partner! And me, for whatever reason I giggle and laugh afterwards because it feels so good, like so much more of a release than clitoral orgasms alone. Takes more time to do and doesn't always happen even then but we keep a pile of towels near the bed for exactly this purpose.
Contributor: Aesenthia Aesenthia
Originally posted by Happenstance
I've never squirted, but it's an experience I would like to have.
Same here!
Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
My wife has before. The first time we found it to be so exciting. When she does, boy, does she. She doesn't like to though. I think she feels embarrassed.
Contributor: jaydenriley jaydenriley
I had it happen once, but would love to see it again!
Contributor: Taylor Taylor
Yes, I do quite frequently I love it, but I am always worried when I get a new partner that they will be put off by it. So if I know they are into it I love it, if they don't like it I get embarrassed by it.
Contributor: Ky beauty Ky beauty
I am a squirter. I don't every time but when my husband is doing something kinky or freaky I can soak us both and I can cum at least five time squirting each time! It drives him insane!
Contributor: Andykh Andykh
Originally posted by Asher
Have you ever squirted? Do you think it is sexy? Has your partner ever squirted? Thoughts?

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I'm not sure if it was squirting or not but my wife and i was in middle of doing the deed and as soon as we were done this liquid came from down near her female area I guess and went everywhere. Im talking on the wall above the bed ,on her face a lil bit , on me and on the bed. We were both just like wow where did that come from.
Contributor: unfulfilled unfulfilled
I'm not consistent, but I can now. I think it depends on how horny I am and what we are doing
Contributor: NJ casanova NJ casanova
Originally posted by Asher
Have you ever squirted? Do you think it is sexy? Has your partner ever squirted? Thoughts?

Leave any feedback
I think it's great...that she's enjoying herself so much she can let herself go. Nice EGO boost It's a little tough when it's time to clean-up,thou.
Contributor: Andykh Andykh
My wife has done it at least once probably twice and we were both amazed at it