Is there a particular vitamin I can take to increase squirting?

Is there a particular vitamin I can take to increase squirting?

sugartits6 sugartits6
when I was younger I used to squirt a lot..... but now that im older I don't really squirt......... this annoys me.....I was wondering if any1 knew if I am lacking some sort of a vitamin or what could cause this???
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Ansley Ansley
I don't think there is anything you can do about this -- it either happens or it doesn't. I've noticed that I am way more prone to squirt after doing some light drinking but obviously this is not something I would recommend just because that would be silly to do. You can't get tipsy every time you feel like squirting.

So while there is nothing you can physically take or ingest to make this happen there are other ways. For example, you may need more g-spot stimulation coupled with clitoral stimulation. I suggest investing in a good g-spot toy and a heavy duty vibe to see if you can achieve the desired result.
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