Mistaken identity games??

Mistaken identity games??

kdlt kdlt
At my local LGBTQ center, some of the counselors play a game with the trans* kids and apparently the kids really like it. Basically, if one of the counselors use the wrong pronouns, they owe the kid a soda or latte. One teen even told me that their parents do something similar to try to let the kid know it's the parents' mistake for saying the wrong pronoun and that it isn't the kid's fault.

How do you guys feel about that? Do any of you guys do anything similar with family or friends that are getting used to a pronoun switch?
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That is an awesome idea!
needapacker needapacker
wow thats a good idea
Mediumsizedman Mediumsizedman
That's pretty neat.
I absolutely love that idea and wish my friends and family would do something like that, haha. But they would go broke from buying sodas.
fizzygato fizzygato

I feel like it's definitely a privileged, materialist notion that you can even afford to provide a gift/ tribute/ whatever as a way of saying sorry, and a kind of roundabout way of saying sorry.

If gifts are your sorrys/ accepting them are your thank yous, that's fine, but to me I'm kind of critical toward the idea that I should be given things just because you called me the wrong pronoun.

I'm like, "Yo. Just be like 'oops,' say the right one, and move on."
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