Really, Eden? Nonbinary people exist.

Really, Eden? Nonbinary people exist.

No-nita No-nita
Originally posted by a whole lot of birds.
i identify as a bird. can i have that be an option too.
Can you please not pull this transphobic crap. I mean really.
Mondegreened Mondegreened
Originally posted by treehugger
So there's this new EF survey (link) and it sounds pretty okay, four questions, and you get points.
But the first question is "What gender do you identify with?"
And the only options are Male or Female.
I am not impressed. ...
wow, whole lot of cissexist bullshit going on in this thread.

yeah, I'm nonbinary too, and the lack of nonbinary gender options for things like this - especially on a site like ef - is exasperating.
Sir Sir
I'm binary male and I am honestly appalled at the response to this thread.

Regardless of what the user posted, they are a customer, and should be dealt with appropriately. This is not being dealt with appropriately or professionally. The customer/contributor was upset - the correct response is, "How can we make this better for you?" regardless of whether or not they offered a suggestion. Ask how you can help, and then let them think on it.

As we found, there was a way to help - offer the "other" option. But after my five years of being here, seeing such a response is quite tragic.

I am saddened by this, deeply saddened, especially given that this is a sex-positive website and store. I should have known when Eden changed back to "women" and "men" options on their Shop header and hid "gender-friendly" under "Couples." I'm just upset, truly, that such a thread was responded to in such a manner, and no one cared to report the person who basically silenced the original poster's concerns.

Asher Asher
I think that they should also have a third gender queer
Boyqueen Boyqueen
I don't feel like they need these options, as trans people make up such a small minority of the population. They're just doing this for marketing reasons. They want to know what kinds of products they should be focusing on.
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