Offsite Contests/Giveaways

Offsite Contests/Giveaways

the bedroom blogger the bedroom blogger
Several of us here at EF have offsite blogs. Post any contests or giveaways you are hosting so that all of these lovely people can participate and possibly win some goodies!
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the bedroom blogger the bedroom blogger
I am currently hosting A Very Merry Chrismukkah Giveaway. Head over to A Bedroom Blog for your chance to win a Tenga for yourself or a nifty litte stocking stuffer.

Deadline for entries is midnight CST on December 15th.
the bedroom blogger the bedroom blogger
bumpity bump bump. I really need to stop starting forum posts at ridiculous hours.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
It's kind of... eh... iffy to post contests sponsored by a competitor on the EF forms.

Not strictly against the CoC but not exactly proper, either.
J's Alley J's Alley
I agree with Carrie Ann. If it is an EF sponsored giveaway...have at it, let us all know, but sponsored by anyone else? I would venture to say it's just a bit (not unethical, but...) unethical...kind of like advertising for them.

I would hit up Twitter and Facebook...most of us are on one or the other (or both).
the bedroom blogger the bedroom blogger
I do want to apologize. I honestly wasn't even thinking about that when I posted this (pulled an all nighter), but you both make a very good point. I meant no disrespect to EF...I had just seen several threads started where people were promoting giveaways and thought "why not put them all in one place?"

Really...I do mostly Eden reviews on my blog and, as silly as it sounds, I didn't even think about the fact that I am, in a sense, "promoting" another company on the forums. My intent is absolutely not to take sales away from EdenFantasys. EF is always the first place I look when I am shopping for goodies...and usually the last. The review program here is amazing and adds so much to a visitor's experience. I cannot say enough good things about this site and the community here.

I really do want to make it clear that this was a thoughtless mistake on my part and in no way a conscious attempt to promote any other competing company.

Sorry for the lengthy apology, but I felt a simple "my bad" would have been lacking.
Woman China Woman China
Speaking of give-aways or gifts....

How can one get into say getting something to give away on their blog??? I've an anal plug competition; where my readers must visit EF and pick a toy, then vote to which they like best, and I think it'd be uber nifty to be able to give away something from EF!!!!

Or how can I convert my credit to be used for someone else????
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