give a shout out if you miss Wicked Wahine.

Contributor: edeneve edeneve
Wicked Wahine used to be very active in the forum. she always posted interesting discussions. she disappeared quite some time ago. aside from that, she's very knowledgeable. which presents us with challenges at times. I do see her post responses in discussion posts at times. just not frequently enough to learn from her or get a few laughs. give a shout out if you miss Wicked Wahine.
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Contributor: November November
I'd like to just give a shout out for Wicked Wahine, because she is such a great contributor. She is very knowledgeable, and I'm always learning stuff from her. I love following her because she always has interesting input and adds something of value to every discussion she posts in. I do understand that sometimes life gets busy, or throws us a curveball, and sometimes we can't be on here as much, and I respect that.

I do enjoy having you on the forums daily, WW, but if it's too difficult right now, I understand. I just wanted you to know that I'm one of your biggest fans.
Contributor: js250 js250
"I am on new medication and not at peak performance. I don't know when I will be, but I am trying to help where I can, when I can. But I am certainly not up to my previous levels of participation and what a crappy time for it to happen *sigh* "
***by Wicked Wahine...on my public profile page a few days ago.
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I wish her the best and a speedy positive reaction to the new can take awhile for the right dosages and combos to work effectively, but all input is very appreciated and valued!!

WW is a huge asset to our community and has a wealth of knowledge! She is very willing to help others and her friendship is valued and means so much to all who either reach out to her or are touched by her caring!

Hurry back!!
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
Originally posted by edeneve
Wicked Wahine used to be very active in the forum. she always posted interesting discussions. she disappeared quite some time ago. aside from that, she's very knowledgeable. which presents us with challenges at times. I do see her post ...
wow - didn't realize this was so poorly written. ah ha, proofing. what a novel idea.
Contributor: Wicked Wahine Wicked Wahine
Imagine my surprise to stumble upon this so late in the game, sorry about that! Edeneve, you stinker! I am blushing

I am very touched and flattered by everything all three of you said, thank you!

I really am trying to do more because I liked so much of what it was like here and there are still people here I enjoy interacting with (*ahem*, yes, you three and quite a few more, such as Rossie, surreptitious, Sincerely Yours, N, KyotoAngel, PropertyofPotter, Kendra, LoriandHubby, XxFallenAngelxX, OrientalHusband&Wife, et al. -good grief, there are too many to list!!! If I didn't list you it is only because my brain froze!)

I am planning to try and post discussions, but sometimes I am doing editing because I feel badly that they are so backed up. But then I want to do the forum, too and before you know it, I am burned out and only got a smidge done of what I wanted. However, I have been posting more forum comments the last several days (yeah, yeah, I know, they were LONG ), but to me it's a sign I am perhaps thinking a little more clearly and not being so drained by human interaction. It's odd, I crave the interaction and yet it has overwhelmed and drained me, too.

We share so many personal things here, so I figure I may as well just put it out there in case people don't know...I suffer from disabling, intractable migraines and unfortunately, having them this badly for the past 23 years has taken it's toll and also caused chronic depression. For whatever reason, this past year I stared a downward spiral where the depression became debilitating and I had to do more about it as all the natural remedies did squat. I foolishly tried waiting a full year hoping it would resolve on its own. So right now I am on the experimenting with medication bandwagon. As js250 said, it can be a long trip and they throw medication at you to try until something sticks, lol. I think of it like pin the tail on the donkey! Naturally, with all my allergies to medications this is no easy feat and I have lots of bad, bizarre reactions. I'm into week 4 out of 8 that they want me to stay on this one medicine to see if it helps. It's kicking my ass, but it also is getting a little easier, so I have been online more. I hope the trend continues, but the nice thing is while I am in bed sick, I can usually get on the laptop in fits and starts.

I will say this though, having this place and all the wonderful relationships I have formed through it, has made such a difference in my life! I rarely am able to leave my house and I have become isolated. Discovering this place last year really helped me reconnect with people in a way that was nonthreatening and so helpful. Thank you all for the compliments and the support.
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
you are welcome WW. do what you need to do for your health first & foremost. and when you can, hit us up on the forum.