Gah! Bridal shower gift ideas?

Gah! Bridal shower gift ideas?

Kat Shanahan Kat Shanahan
I am a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding in August (along with her sister, who is the maid of honour, and her eight-year-old goddaughter, who is obviously a junior bridesmaid.)

I live about six hours away from the bride, and therefore I'm...kind of missing out on some of the fun stuff that bridesmaids get to do (hosting showers, bachelorette parties, etc.) This sucks, BUT her sister and I have been planning a surprise bacehelorette party a few days before the wedding, and I'll be travelling to their city in order to attend.

Anyway, the bride's sister is hosting a bridal shower for her in May, and they arranged it so that it will be held during the week that I'll be visiting (I visit every six months or so.) This is really nice, and I'm looking forward to attending the shower and meeting some of the bride's family (we've only actually known each other for four years; we became very fast friends!)

The bride's already told me (and her sister) that she doesn't expect gifts from either of us, for the bridal shower OR the wedding, as she considers having us stand up with her on her wedding day to be gift enough. (And I know that sounds hokey and cheesy, but I honestly believe that's the way she feels.)

HOWEVER. I mean...really. Am I really going to show up at a bridal shower without a token of some kind? I don't feel right doing that. I would like to give at least a little something, even if it's not exorbitant.

This is where I'm stuck, though, because I have NO idea what to get. At all. I mean, the bride and groom have already been living together for five years, so they have everything they could possibly ever need for their home. I'm on a very tight budget (I have been unemployed for a year) so really ritzy things are not in the cards.

I'm just really absolutely stumped, and thought maybe that some of you might have some ideas? If any of you have any creative ideas, I'd love you forever. <3
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